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Edelweiss Day

BLYTHE /BJD Doll Handmade OOAK wood Trojan horse and ride/toy/photo prop/display 1/6 for blythe

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*Size 24cm high and 24cm long and 5cm wide

*BLYTHE /BJD Doll placement in addition to dolls, but also can do doll stand, so the original design of this wooden horse, is really a photographic artifact, shoulder and a pendulum, with furniture and doll stand role, small rag doll one of the hands can just grab the pole can be placed in any position, if not use this hand needs to be placed in balance, all wood, saddle complemented by a little soil to do texture, patterned eyes all hand-painted painting, real wool to do the horse's tail and horsehair, the amount of their own can take care of any shape I randomly tied a few bows braided, the picture is a light pink wool, need to book 10 days


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