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Edelweiss Day

RINGDOLL SD Norman Light Ver 3.0 75cm Ringdoll boy. (Fullset)

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Norman 3.0 Light Ver., 75cm Ringdoll boy.

Fullset Includes:
Basic doll with face-up, Resin Eyes, Wig, Outfit, Shoes, Certificate.

* Body and resin color in pictures: RGMbody-5, normal /white skin.

Norman is a successful banker and philanthropist.
Four years ago, his wife disappeared, his daughter was kidnapped for ransom and he was killed in a rescue operation when a mistake was made.
He was devastated by the loss of a loved one. Norman then decided to devote the rest of his life to charity and set up the Norman Orphanage to provide foster care for homeless children. His selflessness made him a recognised community leader.
Unfortunately, however, since its inception, the orphanage has been subjected to harassment by mysterious criminal gangs.
Recently, there have been a number of incidents where children have gone missing from the orphanage. These events have cast a shadow over the orphanage.
However, just as the detectives are about to solve the case, the orphanage, the children and Norman are suddenly engulfed in a fire.
Some suspect malicious arson,but there is still too much doubt ......

Eyes: 14 mm
Height: 75 cm
 Head: 22 cm
Neck: 12.2 cm
Width of shoulders: 16 cm
Length of arm: 22.7 cm
Chest: 33.8 cm
Waist: 23 cm
Hips: 32.5 cm
Length leg: 43 cm
Girth of thigh: 17 cm
Length of Foot: 9 cm


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