It has been awhile since my last post because I was juggling grad school and blogging.

Right now, I’ll tell you how I repaint my monster high dolls, step by step.

Learning how to work in a new software

Layer one: Just the outlines of the eyes and a layer of white pencil over whites. Layer one: Added dark brown to the corners of her lips (gave her a little smirk because she’s sassy), and outlined upper lip with light red. Drew in simple line for upper lashes, added eye lids, and outlined eyebrows. Still layer one! Filled in brows with dark brown chalk pastels, filled in lips with red and peach chalk pastel while still erasing parts of it on lower lip to get more natural/nude lip color. Then used dark red watercolor pencil markers to make small lines on lower lip. Still layer one! Shaded smokey makeup with chalk pastels, getting tanner to black as it got darker (from chin up). Added second eye crease with black watercolor pencil. Blushed cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin, as well as hairline with chalk pastel dust all over face. Layer two! (Finally). Used dark red and white watercolor pencils to make her lip lines more pronounced; highlighted upper lip area line with a white pencil; added beauty mark with dark brown pencil; made upper-lash line darker with black; shaded

She turned out much less creepy than she was before. Layer FOUR: I added dark lines radiating from her pupils and eyes, including around her tear ducts and eyelid crease. I also added a pencil-like line around her upper lip highlight and the LIp lines, as well as to her eyebrows.

Please, please close the deal

Finishing touches include applying gold shimmer dust to her eyelids before sealing.

After painting a sealant, you wait for it to dry before adding layers of color. In this case, the author boiled the dolls hair and then added layers of varnish with gloss or semi-gloss finishing options.

This is the last thing on my list

draculaura/clawdeen wolf/frankie stein/frankie stein/ghoulia yelps all the monster high girls~

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