Our story


2017,There was a young woman named Edelweiss who had a deep passion for all things Y2K fashion and DIY dolls. She spent countless hours scouring thrift stores and garage sales, searching for the perfect pieces to add to her eclectic wardrobe. And when she wasn't shopping, she was busy creating her own unique fashion pieces and customizing dolls to match.

Edelweiss's love for Y2K fashion and DIY dolls eventually inspired her to start her own brand, Edelweiss Day. She wanted to share her passion with others and provide a platform where people could come together to celebrate their love for all things vintage and creative.

With hard work and determination, Edelweiss Day quickly gained a following. People from all over the world began to take notice of Edelweiss's unique sense of style and her ability to transform old, outdated pieces into something new and exciting. Her DIY doll tutorials were also a hit, with many fans using them as inspiration for their own projects.

As the brand grew, Edelweiss remained dedicated to her vision. She continued to source vintage clothing and accessories, always on the lookout for pieces that would complement her customers' personal style. She also expanded her line to include Y2K-inspired fashion accessories like bags, jewelry, and hair accessories.

Edelweiss Day became more than just a brand; it became a community. People from all over the world came together to share their love for Y2K fashion and DIY dolls, connecting over their shared passion for creativity and self-expression.

And Edelweiss herself remained at the center of it all, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible and inspiring others to do the same. Her brand became a beacon of hope for those looking to break away from the mainstream and embrace their individuality.

And so, Edelweiss Day continued to thrive, bringing joy and inspiration to people everywhere. And Edelweiss herself continued to be a shining example of what it meant to follow your dreams and create something truly unique and special.