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Welcome to EDELWEISSDAY  online store!

I want to share some important information with you.

  • I don't accept personalized custom orders; I only sell my own designs.
  • I work on two types of Blythe dolls:
    • Custom doll on an original base: approximately $600-1200 USD
    • Custom doll on a fake base: approximately $179-250 USD
  • Most importantly, these dolls are not for children. Custom Blythe dolls are collectible art dolls for adults, not for play. Suitable for ages 16+.

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Once upon a time, in a cozy corner of the internet, there existed a magical online store known as "[Edelweiss Day]." Nestled within the vibrant world of doll collectors and enthusiasts, this digital haven was dedicated to a very special and enchanting breed of dolls – custom Blythe dolls.

The tale of "[Edelweiss Day]" began not with grandeur, but with a humble love for the world of Blythe dolls. It was born from the dreams of a collector, a true aficionado of these captivating dolls, who believed that each Blythe had a unique story to tell and deserved to be cherished as an individual.

In the heart of this online store, you'd find a wondrous collection of custom Blythe dolls, each meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who were like modern-day fairy godmothers, using their magic to transform ordinary dolls into extraordinary works of art. With a keen eye for detail and a boundless passion for creativity, these artisans painted delicate features, styled luxurious wigs, and dressed the dolls in the finest fabrics, breathing life and personality into every creation.

But "[Edelweiss Day]" was more than just a showcase of dolls; it was a place of dreams, where collectors and dreamers alike could embark on a magical journey. Here, the story of each doll unfolded, revealing its unique personality, quirks, and style. Vintage-inspired dolls from a bygone era stood side by side with modern, edgy creations, creating a symphony of personalities that catered to the eclectic tastes of the clientele.

Quality was not just a promise; it was a vow. Every doll accessory, from petite shoes to elegant dresses, was chosen with the utmost care. Durability and authenticity were paramount, ensuring that these cherished dolls and their attire would stand the test of time and remain as beautiful as the day they were first created.

For those who dared to dream beyond the stars, "[Edelweiss Day]" offered a tantalizing opportunity. Customization services allowed collectors to be co-authors of their doll's narrative, working closely with the artisans to design their dream Blythe. With a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of collaboration, these bespoke dolls came to life, embodying the visions and dreams of their creators.

But "[Edelweiss Day]" was more than just a shop; it was a gathering place for kindred spirits. Doll enthusiasts from around the world shared stories, exchanged tips, and built connections that transcended borders. It was a community that welcomed both the seasoned collectors and those who were just beginning to explore the enchanting world of Blythe dolls.

And so, the story of "[Edelweiss Day]" continued to unfold, chapter by chapter. Each doll found a loving home, each dream was realized, and each connection made was a testament to the enduring magic of these captivating dolls and the warm, welcoming spirit of this unique online store.

In this tale, "[Edelweiss Daye]" was not just a place to buy dolls; it was a place to discover dreams, make friends, and find kindred spirits. It was a place where custom Blythe dolls became cherished companions, and where the love for these dolls and their enchanting world was celebrated day by day.

And so, the story of "[Edelweiss Day]" lived on, forever entwined with the magical world of Blythe dolls and the hearts of those who called it home.

If you have any question, please contact us via:edelweissdolls@gmail.com 


RETURNS: Returns for full refund are offered for damaged merchandise only. We will accept exchanges or will issue a store credit for other items returned within 15 days of purchase for the amount of the item less shipping charges. FINAL SALES – NO RETURNS applies to ALL layaways or preorders. NO EXCEPTIONS.

SHIPPING: We will choose the best and safest method.

Please notify us by email or phone if you have a change of address!

For International orders: We must declare orders as “merchandise” with full value for Customs. Anything less is illegal. Please do not ask us to devalue or mark items as “gift”. All international orders are shipped insured via International Priority Mail.

For lost packages: we must wait a minimum of 30 days before filing a claim for a lost package shipped within the US and a minimum of 45 days for an international package.

We cannot be responsible for doll boxes damaged in shipping. Dings, bends, scratches, water damage, etc, are are all things that are out of our control. If it’s raining the day your package is delivered or if your box falls out of the delivery truck and the corner of the box gets dented, these are all things that we have no control over. As long as the merchandise inside the box is undamaged, we can do nothing.