A custom Blythe doll can be factory and non-factory .

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A custom Blythe doll refers to a Blythe doll that has been modified or customized from its original factory state. When we say a custom Blythe doll is "factory," it typically means that the modifications were done using parts or techniques that mimic the original factory production methods.

In the context of custom Blythe dolls, "factory" modifications might include:

  1. Face Repaint: Altering the doll's face by repainting the features such as eyes, lips, and eyebrows to give it a unique look. Factory customizers may use techniques similar to those used in the doll's original production process.

  2. Eye Chips: Replacing the doll's original eye chips with custom-designed ones, often hand-painted or printed to achieve a specific look.

  3. Hair Customization: Changing the doll's hair color, style, or texture through rerooting, restyling, or adding hair extensions. Factory customizers may use similar hair materials and attachment methods as the original doll.

  4. Outfit and Accessories: Creating custom outfits, shoes, and accessories for the doll to enhance its appearance and personality. These items may be handmade or sourced from materials similar to those used in factory-produced Blythe clothing.

  5. Body Modifications: Some custom Blythe dolls may undergo body modifications such as sanding, carving, or reshaping to achieve a desired aesthetic or poseability.

A factory custom Blythe doll maintains a level of craftsmanship and quality that resembles the original factory-produced dolls, but with unique features and personalized touches added by the customizer.

A custom Blythe doll can be created without using factory parts or techniques. When a custom Blythe doll is not factory, it means that the modifications and customization processes involved are not attempting to mimic the original factory production methods. Instead, customizers may use a variety of alternative techniques, materials, and parts to achieve their desired look and style.

Here are some ways in which a custom Blythe doll might deviate from factory methods:

  1. Face Repaint: Customizers may employ advanced painting techniques or unconventional materials to repaint the doll's face, resulting in unique and artistic interpretations of the character.

  2. Eye Chips: Instead of using factory-produced eye chips, custom Blythe dolls may feature handcrafted or specially designed eye chips made from various materials such as resin, glass, or acrylic.

  3. Hair Customization: Custom Blythe dolls may have their hair customized using non-traditional materials or methods, such as hand-dyed mohair, synthetic fibers, or even unconventional materials like yarn or fabric.

  4. Outfit and Accessories: Custom Blythe dolls often showcase handmade outfits, shoes, and accessories created by independent artists and designers. These pieces may feature intricate detailing, unique fabrics, and original designs not found in factory-produced Blythe clothing.

  5. Body Modifications: Some custom Blythe dolls undergo extensive body modifications beyond what is typically seen in factory-produced dolls. This may include sculpting, reshaping, or even completely replacing parts of the doll's body to achieve specific artistic or thematic goals.

Non-factory custom Blythe dolls offer a wide range of creative possibilities for customizers, allowing them to experiment with different techniques, materials, and styles to create truly one-of-a-kind works of art.

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