Neo Blythe, often referred to simply as "Blythe," is a modern version of the Blythe doll that was reintroduced in 2001 by the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy. Neo Blythe dolls are an evolution of the original Blythe dolls produced by Kenner in the 1970s.

Key features of Neo Blythe (compared to the vintage Blythe dolls) include:

  1. Size and Proportions: Neo Blythe dolls have a similar overall size to the vintage Blythe dolls, standing approximately 11 inches (28 centimeters) tall. They maintain the characteristic large head and eyes in proportion to their bodies, which is one of the defining features of Blythe dolls.

  2. Eye Mechanism: Neo Blythe dolls retain the iconic color-changing eye mechanism of the vintage dolls. By pulling a string located at the back of the head, the doll's eyes can change color and direction, adding to their charm and expressiveness.

  3. Articulation: Neo Blythe dolls have fully articulated bodies with multiple points of articulation. This allows for a wide range of poses and movements, giving collectors more options for displaying and posing their dolls.

  4. Customization Potential: Like the vintage Blythe dolls, Neo Blythe dolls are highly prized by customizers and artists for their customization potential. Collectors can repaint the doll's face, restyle or reroot their hair, and customize their outfits and accessories to create unique and one-of-a-kind dolls.

  5. Themes and Collaborations: Neo Blythe dolls are released in various editions and themes, often collaborating with designers, artists, and brands for special editions. These collaborations result in limited edition releases with unique designs, outfits, and accessories.

  6. Wider Availability: Neo Blythe dolls are more widely available than the vintage dolls. They can be purchased through official retailers, online marketplaces, and specialty doll stores.

Neo Blythe dolls have become immensely popular among collectors and enthusiasts for their distinctive aesthetic, customization potential, and the ability to create personalized and artistic dolls. The modern Blythe dolls have revived the interest in the franchise and have inspired a thriving community of Blythe doll enthusiasts around the world.


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