About Tomie Kawakami(junji ito) 2022

About Tomie Kawakami(junji ito) 2022

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Tomie Kawakami is the main antagonist and titular character in the manga series of the same name. She is known for her beauty and ability to become clones and infect people, turning them into one of her.


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It is hard to tell how Tomie Kawakami (junji ito) looks like. Online, you can find her with long black hair but in some pictures she has shorter blonde hair.

Many actresses have been in Tomie's live-action adaptations, and she is portrayed differently in each.

How to Draw Tomie Kawakami from Junji Ito's manga series – MANGAJAM.com

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Crunchyroll - Junji Ito's Tomie Comes to Life with Adeline Rudolph in the  Lead Role
Tomie is known for her attraction and polarizing effect. People are both drawn to her, and hate her. The type of person either changes, or shifts from love to hate.

Ways to regenerate ?

Tomie is able to regenerate herself from the smallest living piece of herself, including hairs, skin, and drops of blood. Each separate piece can grow into a full clone of herself, with its own independent mind. The only way to prevent Tomie's regeneration is to burn every part of her, leaving nothing for her to grow from.

Tomie can regenerate if you bring her food or strike her with radiation. In the story "Little Finger" it follows a group of Tomies growing up and you see them in chronological order. It is implied that she can either control or manipulate other people into bonding with her to speed up the process.

She will either take over the recipient's body (and all of their memories and self-discernment) or create a strong physical duplicate with their own sense of identity.

The origin of words

Tomie's meaning is "wealth, abundance" (tomi) and "bay, inlet" (e)

Tomie Kawakami's surname means "upstream, upper reaches of a river".

Her name, Hokusai Kusuri can be translated as 'The god who heals with a powdery substance', which is further proof that she is inhuman.

Fun facts and random information

What are some similarities between Tomie and a succubus?

She attracts men of all ages with her charisma.She uses men for her own amusement.

She looks good for her age

Throughout her entire series, people are always killed by someone seduced by her beforehand.

What Tomie has in common with death.

Where ever Tomie goes, people die; whether by their own hands or by others.

Tomie was alive before the manga started - she met her future high school teacher when he was a child.

Tomie is thought to be immune from death due to the number of times she has died and come back.

The ways in which Tomie's victims die range from being murdered, committed suicide, driven mad, being left for dead in the middle of nowhere, and aging.

Tomies are constantly trying to kill other Tomies, to the point of even hunting them down and using fire to do it.

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