What's Asian Ball Jointed Dolls 2022?

What's Asian Ball Jointed Dolls 2022?


Doll, usually associated with young girls that are toys, can also be a collectible item for adults. Those who collect Asian ball-jointed dolls know that it’s not just about collecting as there is much more to the hobby and interest.

Ball jointed doll anatomy and style types

Asian ball-jointed dolls are a type of resin cast doll that is fully articulated with ball and socket joints. The size ranges anywhere from as small as 11cm (around 4 inches) to as tall as 80cm (around 2.6 feet) with many variating sizes in between. These dolls can be customized by the customer for interchangeable hair, eyes, makeup, and clothing. Companies make the Asian ball-jointed dolls even more customizable by selling interchangeable hands, feet, arms, or legs separately.

What is a Ball Jointed Doll?

Five Companies That Make Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

The first successful ball-jointed dolls from the modern era were sculpted by a Japanese company called Volks. The first doll was modeled after the creator's wife and initially came in a 57cm size. The dolls were released again in 1999, but this time they were called Super Dollfie. At the time Volks only had four female dolls, named the Four Sisters because all of their heads were molded to be identical. In 2001 was Licht's release, but he only released fifty pieces due to low demand. After that, more male and female dolls were sculpted and released by Volks as well as one gender-neutral "angel" Seirei doll that came out in 2005.

Other companies have started making resin dolls following Volks' example. Examples include Cerberus Project and Custom House. Today there are many other companies in Japan, Korea, and China that create resin dolls.

The Different Ways To Modify Your Ball Jointed Doll

Customizing dolls is an important aspect of the bjd hobby, as people are often provided with features such as hand painted makeup and facial features (called face-ups) in order to create their favorite doll. With customizable parts and wigs, anyone can create their perfect doll. Despite this, there are also limited edition dolls released by companies that could fetch a large sum of money. While these dolls are typically not customized, it is something that some doll owners do anyways.

Before getting started with bjd, a beginner might experience some confusion about what sizes are best for their needs or what types of eyes should be used. With research and collaboration, most hobbyists will find that all these questions have appropriate responses.

Dolls can be customized to look unique with a factory face-up, or a hand-painted face-up which will not vary much from the pictures on the display at the website of the manufacturer or distributor. A factory face-up costs at least $50. Customizing dolls can be done by commissioning an artist, buying a kit and doing the doll yourself.

Learn the vocabulary of Asian ball jointed dolls

When people first get started with ball-jointed dolls, they may be confused by all the terms. NS CP El means that the doll is in normal skin colour (there are other types of CPs for white and tan). Face-up includes painting on the head including features and makeup, blushing encompasses painting on places where skin should vary, and many more terms may be used to refer to the aesthetic services provided on these dolls.

Learn what the price of Asian ball jointed dolls is

Dolls can be expensive. It has been a shock for some people who are not familiar with this pastime that the price of these figures can range from $200 to $5000 depending on the make, age, rarity, and any customizations done to the figure. The secondhand market for these dolls is quite large and popular.

When buying a doll, it is important to really research which one you like best and will be cost-effective for your needs. Wigs can range from $30 to over $300, while glass eyes can go from $25 to as much as $350. Clothing also undergoes big price variations depending on what type you buy and where you buy it.

The history and culture of Asian ball jointed dolls

Using Meet Ups, you can meet other enthusiasts around the world in your city to discuss and take photos of each others dolls.

There are many commonalities among people who collect dolls. Most have a love for Japanese culture because of their origin and aesthetic, which is seen in items such as anime, Japanese fashion, and the usage of Japanese language.

The history of Asian ball jointed dolls

One of the things that draws people to the bjd hobby is the creativity. Many people put detail into their dolls, often making them lifelike or fantastical. The dolls also have a high level of intricacy which makes them appealing and keeps many passionate hobbyists coming back. People who are passionate about bjds also enjoy taking pictures with the dolls, using their many compositions in order to convey emotions.



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