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"I must confess, Monster High holds a special place in my heart as my favorite playline doll series, being the one that initially drew me into the world of playline dolls. While I do have a slight bias towards the first generation (G1), I appreciate certain dolls from later generations as well. The innovation brought by G1, such as articulation, individual head sculpts, unique body sculpts, quality clothing, and even detailed shoes, set an impressive standard.

The third generation of Monster High dolls has introduced a significant innovation by incorporating different body types. While this may pose challenges for creating a comprehensive wardrobe due to less cross-compatibility, Monster High dolls, with their distinctive thematic color palettes and fashion preferences, seem well-suited for this diversity. The uniqueness of body shapes outweighs the inconvenience of reduced cross-compatibility.

Custom draculaura from Edelweiss day

Draculaura, featured on the short/curvy body, showcases some notable changes. A new bust joint has been added to the torso, enhancing expressiveness. The overall measurements include a shorter neck, legs, and increased girth, contributing to both aesthetics and sturdiness, reducing the likelihood of limb breakage.

Comparing Draculaura to dolls from the current Rainbow High line, the body shapes align remarkably well. The new G3 body provides a closer match, and while the shoes are serviceable, they can't compete with the intricate artistry of the original Monster High shoes.

However, as a collector and doll clothes designer, a couple of details about the G3 Draculaura body are less favorable. The high-cut molded-on panties are a drawback, and the calves' shape creates challenges with knee-length skirts. These critiques, though nitpicky, impact the doll's versatility in clothing.

On a positive note, the new body shape maintains cohesiveness, avoiding the pitfall of looking like a combination of mismatched upper and lower halves. When it comes to clothing options, G3 Draculaura seamlessly fits Rainbow High clothes, opening up possibilities for cross-series fashion and pattern adaptations.

In conclusion, while my bias may lean towards G1, I recognize the merit in the innovations introduced by G3, particularly in embracing diverse body types and providing new possibilities for fashion experimentation and customization."

custom monster high dolls

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