Best Paper Dolls 2022

Best Paper Dolls 2022

Paper dolls are a centuries-old toy with movable limbs that have experienced a resurgence in popularity. The first paper doll from England was created in 1810 and the product appeared in America two years later. Paper dolls enjoy their current popularity due to paper's availability during World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II. These days, you can choose among retro dolls reminiscent of those from the 30s and 40s, fashion-focused dolls with expansive wardrobes, and anthropomorphized animals with better accessories than many humans.

1 Fashion designs of the Sixties

This set includes two dolls, dozens of outfits from different designers, hairstyles, and shoes. His work is durable enough to withstand many hours of play.

2 The Paper Dolls You'll Ever Need

This book comes with 16 fun outfits for the girls to wear. The outfits are true to history, making this a fun and immersive toy for kids of any age. Made with sturdy paper, one can even stand the dolls up when they're ready.

3 Paper Dolls for Kids


These multicultural dolls are ultra-fresh and contemporary, which may encourage young children to pursue careers in the creative arts. The dolls come with two outfits, and have a paper room to act as their home. The cardboard is made of 90% recycled materials and uses vegetable-based inks that can be continuously reapplied.

4 Paper Dolls Fashion Workshop

With the Paper Dolls dress up set, you'll learn to draw your own paper dolls, with detailed instructions and inspiration for both modern and historic outfits.

5 The Folk Costumes of Mexico Paper Dolls

This set of paper dolls celebrates Mexican folk costumes, and comes with three figures. Each doll has 24 regional costumes from Mexican states. The dolls are charmingly cute and lean more towards the cartoonish than realistic.

6 Magnetic Cat Fashion Figures

This magnetic play set, which uses magnets as its guiding principle, is perfect for car trips and other adventures. Kids can layer the clothes and accessories on a metal surface to create cute outfits with ease.

7 Dinosaur toys and figurines that will add a prehistoric twist to your child's room

Dolls don't always have to be people, they can also be dinosaurs. With this set kids can cut them out and assemble them using fasteners that make the critters' joints articulated. Each species is printed twice--once in color so it's ready for play, and once more as a line drawing so kids can decorate without limit. Facts about each dino are also included, making this a great hands-on learning experience.

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