BJD Doll maintenance precautions of 2022

BJD Doll maintenance precautions of 2022

BJD Doll maintenance precautions

1. Don't let cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products come into direct contact with the doll, because the chemicals they contain will cause the BJD Doll to suffer! Do not let direct sunlight hit the BJD Doll, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will speed up the yellowing rate! Do not store in too dry or humid places! Do not store in hot or cold places! Keep away from harmful objects as much as possible!

2, from time to time to clean the BJD Doll, (Note: not water wash Oh, the doll can not soak water) will be wet with water rubbing Cline, wipe the doll's whole body, may not look very dirty body will also rub out the black sewage to. Then use a paper towel to absorb the sewage, and then wipe with a clean and damp rubbing Cline until completely clean. After that, in order to prevent water stains, you can use a clean and dry and soft texture of paper towels or towels to dry. If you encounter stains that are very difficult to wipe, you can repeatedly wipe them with the eraser. (Please note: face and body with makeup parts wipe will wipe off the makeup Oh!)

3, the BJD doll should be stored flat, when storing the doll, take off the doll's wig, dress shoes eyes, etc., give the doll a good mask, wrapped in a clean towel or put on light-colored (preferably white) pajamas! Please sleep in a separate bag with enough space or separate in the official box to avoid injury to the doll due to collision and extrusion! The material of the doll is made of resin, fragile, so it will be damaged by excessive pressure!

4, often check whether the doll's joints are misaligned, if there is a misalignment should be promptly returned to good! To avoid a long time to cause the leather band to lose elasticity, affecting the performance of activities! Check the BJD doll's body often to see if there is an unknown abnormal staining, found when there is staining, please wipe clean with rubbing clin in time, so as not to stain too long and can not be removed!

5, check from time to time to note that the BJD doll makeup has not eaten color. It is recommended that about half a year to change the makeup, and do not change the makeup too often!

★ Do not comply with the above matters when the doll will be damaged or shorten the life!

I hope that with reference to the above matters, so that you and your dolls have a good life journey!

Third, the BJD doll material, makeup, head, body, official box, packaging of the description

First of all: the doll is made of resin material, hard, fragile! When the doll is shipped and packaged bare baby and accessories are packaged separately, you need to come home and dress the doll yourself, wigs and shoes, install the eyes and eyelashes and other accessories! Please be sure to understand before you place an order! Do not wait until the BJD doll arrives home to understand!

Makeup: the need for BJD doll-specific makeup supplies, can not be our own human cosmetics Oh, at the same time is the need for professional makeup artist, or their own painting base, you can buy makeup head and BJD doll makeup supplies home to practice well before applying makeup to the doll, do not easily just give the child makeup, so as not to cause damage!

Then there is the question of makeup time, the official makeup time is slow, important: makeup by the weather, rain and cloudy days can not arrange makeup, wet weather, spray matte will be easy to white! And there is no way to set the makeup! Do not indiscriminately find all kinds of reasons to think that we do not want to ship! We sincerely hope that the parents can receive the desired child paper as soon as possible, not intentionally delayed, long live understanding Oh!

Vegetarian head: on a single head, no facial makeup! Some will match the birth certificate, random eyes or something, some no birth certificate eyes]

The body: on the body, does not contain the head of Oh! [basically no birth certificate]

Joint hand: each finger joint can be active, the difference between ordinary hand fingers can not move! All brands of dolls articulated hands are required to book additional money Oh, bare baby with the ordinary hand type! Do not misunderstand to see the official picture with jointed hands, you think the bare doll is also jointed hands, not ha, that is only the official display with, such as the need to place an order, please inform customer service, you need to add money to order!

Mask: buckle in the BJD doll's face transparent cover, do not think of what different patterns of mask ah what, just used to protect the doll's face makeup with! Basically, the official pick-up doll will be equipped with the!

Official box (color box): printed with the official logo logo box! Basically, it is paper! Different doll society is not the same Oh! Do not imagine what other items Oh, is a packing carton!

The outer box: the most outside of a packaging carton, some of the wa society printed logo, some wa society did not print the logo. different wa society's packaging design will have some differences. Do not imagine what other items Oh, is a packing carton, used to protect the inside of the tube box to avoid damage by courier only!




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