While artificial intelligence technology brings convenience to human life, in order to break the limitations of the body, the technology of human body modification is also developing day by day, but this technology has caused huge controversy. The torso, however, they also retained some human limbs, such as the brain, torso, or internal organs. The transformation of human beings with supernormal abilities and mechanical bodies has caused many people to fear and worry. Some people who are extremely opposed to the human body transformation plan have formed an anti-alliance "hunter" and launched a strangulation operation against the transformed human beings. The originally peaceful and peaceful human world has brought war and destruction.

The primary target of the "Hunter" alliance is a mechanically transformed girl codenamed "ZERO". Unlike many modified people, although her body has been modified, it retains the body of a human girl. Her body is more flexible and lighter than human's, and her head has undergone dozens of continuous transformations, which can not only generate mechanical power, but also have various precision instruments for measurement and calculation, and even hide firepower powerful weapon. She has a high IQ and agility, and her mechanical long knife is her favorite weapon. No matter how advanced the "Hunter" alliance is, it cannot compete with "ZERO".

"ZERO" was originally just a girl born in an ordinary family, living a happy and peaceful life. However, the operation of strangulation and transformation provoked by the "Hunter" Alliance destroyed the peaceful life of this 15-year-old girl. Her parents were killed in the fire of the operation. Although she survived, she lost an arm and two legs. In the end, it was the mutant who rescued her and fitted her with a mechanical prosthesis. From then on, she fell into a turbulent battle along with the slain remoulders. Seeing that one after another of her transforming companions were being brutally killed and destroyed by the "Hunter" alliance, "ZERO" decided not to be an existence always protected by her companions. She wanted to protect everyone, to restore peace, and to be like the past. A quiet and peaceful life. She wanted to become stronger, she began to constantly temper herself, and constantly remodel her body. Eventually her body was replaced almost entirely by machinery, leaving only her brain. In the process of continuous transformation, she has also become stronger and stronger, and the "Hunter" alliance, which was originally superior, has gradually become disadvantaged because of her emergence. The war between transforming people and the "Hunter" alliance has not stopped for a day, and "ZERO" will become stronger. Her battle does not belong to her alone, she is for her companions, but also for all those who want to return to a peaceful life.


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