How to make Blythe Doll /BJD/MOSTERHIGH Wig  2022

How to make Blythe Doll /BJD/MOSTERHIGH Wig 2022

Blythe Doll /BJD/MOSTERHIGH wig making tutorial


1 Make a hair cover with glue, cut it into the shape of the head shell after drying, as shown in the figure

Remember to put plastic wrap on the blythe doll's head and then put the headgear, and then start sticking the wig to prevent the glue from falling on the doll's face and body

2 Prepare the materials on the way: glue / brush / scumbag / scissors / comb / card / wig

3 wigs cut evenly

4 Apply glue to the cut wig, do not apply too thick

5 Wait for the glue on the wig to dry before tearing it off piece by piece

6 Cut the excess glue off the wig pieces

7 Apply glue evenly on the hair cover, and then stick the wig piece, apply a layer of glue

8 After the end, comb the wig on the top of the head in the opposite direction to block the hairline, and finally trim it, and organize the hairstyle according to personal aesthetics.




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