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Blythe dolls have evolved over different generations and releases, each with its unique characteristics and features that have contributed to their popularity among collectors and enthusiasts. Here's an overview of the different generations and releases of Blythe dolls:

  1. Kenner Blythe (1972):

    • The original and vintage Blythe dolls produced by Kenner in the 1970s.
    • Designed by Allison Katzman.
    • Known for their large heads, big eyes, and unique pull-string mechanism that changes eye colors and expressions.
    • Kenners are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and historical significance.
  2. BL (2001-2002):

    • The first modern Blythe dolls produced by Takara and designed by Cross-World Connections (CWC).
    • Came on Licca bodies and featured boggled eyes in most releases.
    • BL dolls are beloved for their quirky colors and stock looks.
  3. EBL "Excellence" (2002-2005):

    • The second mold produced by Takara, known for dolls like Miss Anniversary and Margaret Meets Ladybug.
    • EBLs had wispy eyelashes and distinctive eyes, often with special eyechips.
    • They introduced the stock "Excellence" body, reminiscent of the original Kenner body.
  4. SBL "Superior" (2003-2008):

    • Known for dolls like Superior Skate Date and Velvet Minuet.
    • Early SBLs had issues with "yellowed" eyeballs due to the plastic used.
    • Some later SBLs featured different lip shapes and expressions.
  5. RBL "Radiance" (2006-2013):

    • Introduced with dolls like Darling Diva and Fashion Obsession Jenna.
    • Easier to customize due to improved design, leading to a surge in custom Blythe dolls.
    • RBLs were also the first Blythes to be extensively faked, such as Simply Mango and Urban Cowgirl.
  6. FBL "Fairest" (2009-Present):

    • Burst onto the scene with dolls like Bloomy Bloomsbury and the Prima Dolly trio.
    • Initially produced with matte faces but later switched to shiny-faced dolls.
    • FBLs continue to be in production with new hair colors and styles.
  7. RBL+ "Radiance +" (2013-Present):

    • Introduced as a replacement for the RBL mold, featuring dolls like Hi-Ho! Marine.
    • Similar head construction to RBLs and FBLs, suitable for customization.
  8. ADG (Ashton-Drake Galleries) (2005-2008):

    • Faithful reproductions of the original Blythe dolls, licensed by Hasbro.
    • Offered at a lower price point and included reproductions of original outfits and designs.

These generations and releases showcase the evolution of Blythe dolls over time, from the vintage Kenner era to the modern Takara releases, each contributing to the diverse and vibrant world of Blythe collecting and customization.


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