Blythe Dolls of 2023

Blythe Dolls of 2023

Blythe Dolls

Blythe Dolls are 12-inch, doll figures characterized by giant heads and big eyes. Their eyes change colors with the pull of a string depending on their mood or occasion.

Neo Blythe Dolls come with four different eye colors and positions. Blythe is known for her large head to incorporate the eye-change mechanism, which is controlled by pulling on a cord that runs from the back of her head. This system works without batteries, and allows Blythe's eyes to change from a variety of colors like green, pink, yellow, blue, brown, and gray. The string makes the eyes close in between pinches too! With your purchase each Neo Blythe Doll will come with four sets of eye chips to customize your doll whichever way you want. However new generation custom dolls have sleepy eyes too which are integrated into the design using a second string so you can control them easily!

Blythes are dolls that have interchangeable parts, so you can buy extra hands with a variety of gestures. You can customize and adapt Blyth Dolls to suit your needs with an enormous choice of accessories, clothing and other objects. You can also find patterns to sew your own outfits.

Blythe Dolls come in a variety of choices and can be customized to match any personality. Give them freckles and wash and braid their hair for a truly unique experience, or turn your Blythe into a fantasy heroine with new clothing and makeup products. Once you're done, your Blythe is ready for the photoshoot! Share your photos and connect with other people who love similar things.



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