Bratz Dolls and Fashion OF 2022

Bratz Dolls and Fashion OF 2022

My parents never let me have Bratz when I was a kid in the 2000s, but they only made me want it more. I idolized Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin because they were all clad in leopard print tube tops and go-go boots and I wanted to dress like that as well.

My desire to wear faux-fur has decreased, but I have a newly found desire to dress like a Bratz Doll. Bratz makeup tutorials have become popular on TikTok, where they now have over 161 million views. Fashion-conscious fans of Bratz now recreate outfits worn by their favorite dolls in the brand’s theme song.

In time for the 20th anniversary of Bratz, makeup tutorials have become popular on TikTok. Two TikTok users, Syrena @fauxrich and Isidora Fernandez @isiifernandeez are recreating looks from childhood dolls.

Syrena has over 10k followers and is into fashion and beauty, and so is Isidora who remembers the doll from her childhood. The draw with Bratz dolls is that they help to cater to what the individual wants to express and encourages self-expression. Every time I see myself in such a shirt, I feel as if I am showing myself to the world. I feel as if it is my way of finding confidence and self-love.

For others, dressing up like a Bratz doll is about being in charge: “I’ve always admired the clothing [worn by Bratz dolls], so now that I can wear mini skirts and oversized boots, I do." Bratz dolls helped inspire an entire generation of fashion designers. For example, Jasmin Larian, who founded Cult Gaia, started her childhood with Bratz dolls and used that inspiration for her own design work.

She is now part of a larger group of women who may be inspired by various aspects of the world around them as they experience it to create things within their given fields. Cult Gaia is inspired by Bratz doll aesthetics.

Designer Gabriella Larian told L’Officiel that she used to spend her childhood with Bratz designer from Design MGM studios and that this is where she learned how to sketch clothing. Cult Gaia is not the only brand that draws inspiration from the dolls - U.K. fashion label Daisy Street has recently collaborated with Bratz on ASOS, featuring butterfly halter tops, baggy cargo pants and animal print sets, for example.

Many people are wearing clothes which fit into the Bratz-esque aesthetic, but it's important to note that these clothes align with both Y2K trends and Gen Z fashion. Both Olivia Rodrigo, Emma Chamberlain and Iris Apatow also dress like Bratz dolls.

Olivia Rodgers posted a slideshow of pictures featuring herself in a corset-inspired plaid dress and knee high patent leather platform boots, her hair in two tiny pigtails. Below the post on Instagram, Stephenie Smith commented: "Jade Bratz doll IRL." The singer continued this streak in the recently released music video for "Brutal," which featured Demonia platform boots, a rhinestone tank top and butterfly clips.

As someone who was never able to experience Bratz up close, I have been patiently waiting for the return of Bratz-style fashion, and now that it's back in 2021, I can not only dress my own doll but we are also seeing re-releases of original dolls. EDELWEISS is here to help you find what you're looking for.

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