Caring for BJD /BLYTHE/MONSTERHIGH/Bratz dolls 2022

Caring for BJD /BLYTHE/MONSTERHIGH/Bratz dolls 2022

Some tips for caring for BJD /BLYTHE/MONSTERHIGH/Bratz dolls

1. In a dry and clean environment, do not touch the water

2. Choose light colors for personal clothing, such as flesh color, white, pink, etc.

3. The face is very fragile, and the face is easy to smear when it touches the makeup, so take care of it

4. When stroking the doll,  not to touch the face.Monsterhigh dolls after repant,dry in few days,do not touch it.


5. Pay attention to sun protection when taking pictures out, the doll is afraid of the sun . If you accidentally get your body dirty, wipe your face with a tissue and use special tools for monsterhigh doll body.

6. Stabilize the body of the bratz doll to prevent falls.

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