Customising stock vs factory fake?

  1. Customizing Stock vs. Factory Fake:
    • There are differing opinions on customizing stock Blythe dolls versus factory fakes. Stock dolls are seen as harder to come by, and some collectors prefer the use of factory fakes for customization. However, there is also a segment of collectors who criticize the use of fakes.
  2. Opinions on Customization:

    • The individual is seeking opinions on whether stock dolls should be left for collectors and if factory fakes can be used for customization. There's a concern about potential shaming and the impact on sales for using fake dolls.
  3. Support for Lifting Rules:

    • The individual is considering whether groups, particularly on platforms like Facebook or Blythecon, should reconsider rules banning factory fakes if they are customized. This implies a discussion about potentially modifying community rules to accommodate customized fake dolls.
  4. New to Customizing:

    • The individual is new to customizing and expresses reluctance to carve up a stock doll. There's also a concern about potential shaming and the impact on sales when using fake dolls for customization.
  5. Comparison to Rainbow Highs:

    • Mentions a previous experience with Rainbow High dolls, suggesting that there might not have been a similar issue or controversy related to customization and the use of fake dolls in that context.

Edelweiss day customized blythe doll

In summary, the message revolves around the ongoing debate within the Blythe doll community regarding the acceptability of customizing stock dolls versus factory fakes. The individual is navigating this debate as a newcomer to customizing and seeks opinions on potential rule changes within collector groups.

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