Distinguishing between a genuine Blythe doll and a fake or factory-made one

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    • Fake or factory dolls often have articulated bodies, whereas genuine Blythe dolls have non-articulated Takara bodies, resembling pre-tween bodies without a big bust.
  1. Body Characteristics:

    • Fake dolls may have a developed bust and a slightly larger body compared to Takara bodies. The body proportions may differ, and sometimes the heads of fake dolls are larger, with larger or differently shaped ears.
  2. Eyebrows:

    • Genuine Blythe dolls do not have eyebrows. If a doll has eyebrows, it may be an indication that it is fake.
  3. Pull String Mechanism:

    • In fake or factory dolls, the pull string mechanism may not work correctly. This can result in non-functional mechanisms either immediately or after a few uses.
  4. Eye Movement:

    • Genuine Blythe dolls have a mechanism for adjusting eye movement using a pull string. In fake dolls, this mechanism may not work, but the eyes can still be manually adjusted using fingers. Additionally, fake dolls allow for more flexibility in setting the eyes to any degree, including a boggled look.

These details are helpful for identifying potential differences between genuine Blythe dolls and counterfeit or factory-made versions.

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