Distinguishing between RBL and NBL Blythe dolls 2024

Distinguishing between RBL and NBL  Blythe dolls can be done through several key characteristics:

  1. Scalp Holes:

    • RBL Blythe dolls typically have two small holes on the back of the scalp. These holes are used for the mechanism that controls the eyes and are visible when the scalp is lifted.
    • NBL Blythe dolls, on the other hand, do not have these holes. Their scalps are smooth without any visible openings.
  2. Eye Mechanism:

    • RBL Blythe dolls have a more advanced eye mechanism compared to NBL dolls. Their eyes can change direction by pulling a string located at the back of the head.
    • NBL Blythe dolls have a simpler eye mechanism where the eyes can only blink when the doll is tilted backward.
  3. Manufacturing Date:

    • RBL Blythe dolls were produced after 2008, while NBL Blythe dolls were produced before 2008. Checking the manufacturing date can help identify the type of doll.
  4. Serial Number:

    • Some Blythe dolls have a serial number stamped on the back of the head or on the body. Researching the serial number online can provide information about the doll's production type.
  5. Appearance:

    • While less reliable, RBL Blythe dolls tend to have slightly different facial features compared to NBL dolls. These differences may include variations in eye shape, nose size, or mouth shape.

-Edelweiss day custom blythe doll

By examining these characteristics, you can determine whether a Blythe doll is an RBL or NBL version. Keep in mind that there may be exceptions or variations, so it's always a good idea to research specific models or consult with experienced collectors for confirmation.

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