Guide to identify the generations of monster high dolls 2024

Monster High dolls have gone through various generations, each with its unique characteristics. While specific details might vary, you can generally identify the generations based on certain features:

First Generation:

  1. Release Date: Introduced in 2010.
  2. Articulation: Limited articulation with fewer poseable joints.
  3. Eye Mechanism: Simple eye-changing mechanism activated by turning the head.
  4. Body Mold: Unique body molds for characters with distinct body shapes.

Second Generation (New Sculpts):

  1. Release Date: Started around 2016.
  2. Articulation: Improved articulation with more poseable joints, including articulated wrists.
  3. Eye Mechanism: Enhanced eye-changing mechanism often with additional features.
  4. Body Mold: More standardized body molds shared among characters for better articulation.

Reboot (2016):

  1. Release Date: The reboot took place around 2016.
  2. Articulation: Continued improvement in articulation with better poseability.
  3. Design Changes: Characters underwent design changes, including new face molds and outfits.
  4. Packaging: New packaging design for the dolls.


  1. Release Date: Mini figures introduced separately.
  2. Size: Smaller in size compared to regular dolls.
  3. Design: Simplified designs with a focus on collectibility.
  4. Articulation: Limited articulation due to the smaller size.

Create-A-Monster (CAM):

  1. Release Date: Introduced as part of the line expansion.
  2. Customization: Designed for customization with interchangeable parts.
  3. Variety: Various CAM packs with different monster parts for mix-and-match fun.

Mega Bloks (later Mega Construx):

  1. Release Date: Construction sets introduced alongside dolls.
  2. Buildable Figures: Characters can be built from Mega Bloks/Mega Construx pieces.
  3. Articulation: Limited articulation compared to traditional dolls.

Character-Specific Features:

  1. Signature Features: Look for signature features like Draculaura's fangs, Frankie Stein's stitches, Clawdeen Wolf's ears, etc.
  2. Outfit Styles: Different lines may feature characters in specific outfits or themes.

Packaging Details:

  1. Box Art: The box art and design may differ between generations.
  2. Logo Changes: Look for changes in the Monster High logo and branding.

Monster high customized dolls

Keep in mind that Monster High dolls have a diverse range of characters, and individual releases may have unique features. Consulting collector websites, forums, or official Monster High resources can also provide detailed information on specific dolls and their characteristics.

customized dolls

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