How do blythe doll eyes work?


Blythe doll eyes are one of the most distinctive and fascinating features of these dolls. They are designed with a unique mechanism that allows them to change color and direction. Here's how Blythe doll eyes work:

Eye Mechanism: Blythe dolls have a special eye mechanism located inside their heads. The eye mechanism consists of a set of pull strings or levers connected to each eye. When the mechanism is activated, the pull strings or levers move, causing the eyes to change color and direction.

Changing Eye Color: Blythe doll eyes typically have four colors: blue, green, brown, and orange. The eyes have a colored plastic disc called an "eye chip" behind them, which determines the eye color. Each eye chip has four different colored sections, and the eye mechanism allows you to rotate or flip the eye chips to change the visible eye color.

Changing Eye Direction: Blythe dolls have a mechanism that allows you to change the direction in which their eyes are looking. This is achieved through the pull strings or levers connected to each eye. By pulling or pushing the strings or levers, you can move the eyes from side to side or make them look up and down.

Eye Mechanism Activation: The eye mechanism of Blythe dolls can be activated in different ways depending on the doll's version. Some Blythe dolls have a pull cord located at the back of their head, which you can pull to change the eye color and direction. Other Blythe dolls have a lever or switch on the back of their head that you can slide or toggle to operate the eye mechanism.

Customizing the Eyes: Customizing Blythe doll eyes is a popular hobby among collectors and artists. Some doll enthusiasts create their own custom eye chips with unique colors and designs. Additionally, some advanced customizers may modify the eye mechanism to enhance the doll's eye movement and expressions further.

Overall, the eye mechanism of Blythe dolls adds to their charm and playability, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The ability to change the eye color and direction allows Blythe dolls to express a wide range of emotions and personalities, making them beloved and unique dolls in the world of collectible toys.

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