How do blythe doll's eye work?

Blythe doll eyes work using a unique and clever mechanism that allows them to change color and direction with the pull of a string. Here's how the Blythe doll eye mechanism works:

  1. Eye Mechanism Inside the Head: Inside the Blythe doll's head, there is a set of eye chips arranged in a circular pattern. These eye chips are small plastic discs with different eye designs printed on them. Each eye chip represents a different eye color and direction.

  2. Pull-String Mechanism: At the back of the Blythe doll's head, there is a pull-string mechanism connected to the eye chips. The pull-string is a thin cord or string that is threaded through the center of the eye chips.

  3. Changing the Eyes: When you pull the cord at the back of the Blythe doll's head, it causes the eye chips to rotate within the head. As the eye chips turn, different eye designs come into view through the eyeholes in the doll's face. This rotation changes the appearance of the eyes, giving the illusion of the eyes changing color and direction.

  4. Fixed Pairs: Blythe dolls usually come with four sets of fixed pairs of eye chips, meaning that when you pull the cord, the eyes change color and direction together. However, some customized Blythe dolls may have an additional mechanism that allows for more individual control of each eye.

  5. Eye Chips Interchangeability: One of the appealing features of Blythe dolls is that their eye chips can be easily replaced or customized. Collectors and artists can create their own eye designs or purchase different eye chips to give their Blythe dolls a unique look.

The eye-changing mechanism of Blythe dolls adds to their charm and playfulness. It allows collectors and enthusiasts to have fun changing their doll's eye expression, giving each Blythe doll a wide range of emotions and personalities. This unique feature has made Blythe dolls popular among collectors and photographers who enjoy capturing the dolls' various eye expressions in creative and imaginative settings.


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