How much is a blythe doll worth?

The value of a Blythe doll can vary widely based on several factors, including its condition, rarity, age, brand, and any customizations or modifications it may have. Here are some general price ranges for Blythe dolls:

  1. Factory Blythe Dolls: Factory-produced Blythe dolls, especially those in good condition and with original packaging, can range from $100 to $300 USD or more.

  2. Limited Edition or Collaborative Blythe Dolls: Limited edition Blythe dolls or those produced in collaboration with famous designers or brands can be more valuable and may range from $300 to over $1000 USD.

  3. Custom Blythe Dolls: Customized Blythe dolls, which have been repainted, rerooted, or modified by artists or hobbyists, can have a wide price range depending on the level of artistry and demand. Custom Blythe dolls can be priced anywhere from $300 to several thousand dollars.

  4. Vintage Blythe Dolls: Vintage Blythe dolls from the 1970s, which are rare and highly sought after by collectors, can be quite valuable. Prices for vintage Blythe dolls can range from $500 to several thousand dollars, depending on their condition and rarity.

  5. Oversized Blythe Dolls: Oversized or large-scale Blythe dolls, such as the "Neo Blythe" or "Licca-chan" dolls, may also vary in price, with some reaching several hundred dollars.

It's important to note that these price ranges are approximate and can change over time based on market demand and other factors. If you're interested in buying or selling a Blythe doll, it's recommended to research recent sales and listings in online marketplaces or consult with reputable doll collectors or dealers to get a more accurate idea of the current market value. Additionally, the condition of the doll, the presence of its original accessories or packaging, and any accompanying documentation can also influence the doll's worth.


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