How to Blushing A MONSTER HIGH Doll’s Body 2022

How to Blushing A MONSTER HIGH Doll’s Body 2022

You can't just paint the face of the monster high doll. To shade a doll you must use the same techniques to create the appearance of shading in real life. I have not taken many photos, making the skin look pink, but a problem is that most blushing happens where there are dark areas. What Materials You Need To Become A Luthier Dolls with hard plastic bodies will work well for this tutorial. For dolls with rubbery legs, only blush the torso. By using chalk pastels, you can create The 3-step guide to wearing pearl MAKEUP powder Kid-friendly art supplies Your blog posts need to have some tooth to them.


With blushed monster high doll, you have the option to have your doll displayed and not touched. This is the time to prepare. When painting a doll’s face, it is best to paint the face first, and then paint the body. That way you won’t have any body paint rub off on the face. If you don’t want her legs to blush, wrap the doll up to cover them. The doll is a monster high doll, so her legs are rubbery and can’t be blushed. Hold the doll's limbs apart slightly, making sure to place them in a way that exposes them to the sealant. Pay careful attention to where you coat the doll so that it doesn't get on clothes or hair. I spray the first half of the doll’s torso and arms, then bend them so I can hang another coat on the inside. The second coat goes on the doll’s back, inner arms and back legs. After each coat dries, I manipulate the limbs to insure that I get to all surfaces.

Spray dispersion You need to spray the sealant on lightly, with a fine distance and lightness. If there is too much spray the chalk pastel won't stick and if there's not enough you will erase your design. Don't worry if your artwork becomes shiny with wet sealant, this isn't always a problem.

Learn what brushes are good for blush and where you can find them Pens and brushes being applauded The first brush is a $3.00 store-bought eyeshadow brush. It has really fluffy bristles and is perfect for applying blush. It is the only one with bristles, so it smooths the powder over your skin. The second brush is a free cream eyeliner brush that also contains bristles, which are just as firm but shorter than those in the eyeshadow brush. I use it to apply blush because of its ability to smudge and blend the powder well due to its small size.

The final brush I use for applying and blending my blush easily is a small shader brush by mini MAJESTIC ™ that cost $2. Why you should never use a pen The colors a storyteller should use There are rules of thumb for choosing colours. You probably come to this naturally if you are creative enough to customize dolls. Unless your doll has grey skin, do not colour it with any shade of grey or black. If this is an exception, there may be a few more, but you will otherwise make your doll look sickly for anything other than a zombie-themed doll. Tone is an important factor to consider when choosing what color you want for shading. If you want to use cooler colors, it is a purple tone, rather than red if you wanted a warmer tone. Apply various shades of your selected color, just a bit darker than the skin tone. In this example, my model was shaded with two shades of pink and purple for the shadows. I would encourage you to outline with pink, even if the doll's skin color is blue or grey or whatever. It's up to you but I just think that adding a bit of pink makes the doll look more alive. I picked three colors of pink to shade my doll. A butter knife helps to carefully cut the chalk paste into a fine dust.

Don't scrape too much or you can reuse it, but once you scrap it, it will start to smudge and is harder to store. A few tips to succeed in the modern world Use the lightest color to create a gradient on the doll and then layer darker colors in areas where needed. (I have written an article on how to paint African American hair dolls if you need reference) Use shadows when creating art pieces. When standing your doll up in natural light, you should give the areas of natural shadowing (or the places they would naturally shadow) the most attention. This includes the area under breasts, collar bones, abdominal muscles, joints, and between fingers. The first step in blush-painting a doll is to coat the torso with a layer of spray paint. It's best to start at the top and work your way down so that you don't move the color around on yourself while creating those delicate, feathery pieces. I use a large eyeshadow brush to blush first and then use a darker color for shading. I start by blushing the big areas such as under her breasts and between her breasts before shaing there with the dark colors of her hipbone I proceeded to use my small blusher brush and apply it to the smaller areas of the Body: including her belly button, collar bone, and any other small areas. However, if you are using a toy that is much smaller than AAA,Your fingers will require the most attention.

AAA is a goo doll with drippy skin. My customer asked me to give her blushed skin to make the drips more enhanced, so I took out my smallest brush and used purple and pink to shade each drip.

The Interconnectedness Between Highlighting and Social Connectivity

Adding highlights to a painting or drawing will create the natural glow often seen on skin. You would apply these tones to areas typically illuminated during a day, such as the tops of shoulders, collar bones, and breasts.

You can’t use a good old fashioned paint brush to highlight the doll. White chalk pastels don’t show up at all on the Doll after applying them and then sealing them in place with MSC. However, MAKEUP powder does look nicely shimmery when applied as a dry powder and it also comes in a variety of different colors

Shake the can well and press it on firmly to form a thin coat. It should be uniform and show off the pearlescence well. Avoid sprays which may add additional liquid to the surface, bluer minerals in the powder or leave a white residue.

On AAA, I put a touch of pearl powder on the tops of each drip. The effect is subtle enough that my camera can not get a good picture but when the light catches her drips they show up more! However, this does not make a ‘glittered’ effect: the particles are too small for that. That said, it is shimmery so if you want to doll to have a slightly shimmery torso in some places, it may be best to stop highlight all together.

Here are some pictures of the movie doll I blushed alongside AAA. The shading is subtle, so I didn’t use it for my model. You can barely see the difference in person, but the doll looks much better with a lighter shade!




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