How to Care and Maintenance BJDdoll of 2022

How to Care and Maintenance BJDdoll of 2022

How to Care and Maintenance BJDdoll of 2022

1, to ensure that the space where the BJD is dry and clean, if usually stored in the closet, please place a moisture inhibitor or bamboo charcoal bag in the closet.

2, try not to let the body of BJD touch the moisture, if you have to touch the water because of the need to shoot must be completely air dry the doll before you can put away. Avoid rusting the S-hooks and magnets in the doll's body due to humidity.

3, all intimate clothing (such as underwear, undershirts, etc.) please try to choose light-colored, such as flesh, pink, white, etc.. Please do not choose black, dark blue and other dark colors to avoid staining the doll with clothes that fall out of color.

4、Every time you put it into the bag or sleep box, you should put on a mask for the doll to prevent the makeup from being damaged in the friction or the eyelashes being overwhelmed.

5, try to avoid touching the face with your hands, so as to ensure that the makeup is bright and long-lasting.

6, try not to turn on the flash when taking pictures of the baby. (Because it will yellowing so try to avoid light)

7, out of the scene as far as possible to avoid direct exposure to strong light doll.

8, in order to reduce yellowing, you can spray the whole body matte (the downside is easy to dirty). Yellowing can be removed through the whole body sanding yellowing, but will make the doll body resin thin.

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