How to Curl Monster High Doll Hair 2022 Halloween

How to Curl Monster High Doll Hair 2022 Halloween


Dolls look better when you add curly hair. This hair will last a few minutes on the Monster High Doll , but it’s cute while it lasts.

The tutorial focuses on how to curl your hair using ringlets, rather than natural waves.

What to do: 

Here are my tinfoil pieces and pipe cleaners. Also a comb.

Build a doll with medium-long hair

The many uses of pipe cleaners

CIA Operation Tinfoil

Choosing a comb or brush

The process of boiling water

Start with straightening Monster High Doll hair and brushing the hair. If you are starting with a doll with messy hair, follow this tutorial to brush and straighten the hair before continuing here.

A model today

Look for Violet’s Transformation Story HERE!

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Wrapping the foil around the small parts of hair will create ringlet curls. The size of the foil will depend on how small you want the ringlets to be. If a section of hair is about as wide as a pencil, then make your rectangles 1.5 x 1 inch in size (approx. 4 x 1.5 cm). You can probably go for square rectangles as well - they would be 1 x 1 inches (approx. 3 x 3 cm) or 1.5 x 1.5 inches (approx. 4 x 4 cm) in size..

Both the number of pieces you need and the amount of hair on them will vary depending on what kind of doll you're making, but between 10 and 15 is a good estimate.

Pipecleaner straws should be cut into lengths between 2-4 inches.

How to shampoo your hair

Halfway there.

A Quick Guide To GrowingMonster High Doll

Wet Monster High Doll hair is easier to work with than dry hair due to the lack of static, which also makes it best not to drench hair in water when washing it.

How to finish wrapping the hair

Begin by sectioning out your hair, and wrapping each section with the silver foil strip.

How to Deal with Laziness

All done. See how I haven't slid the tinfoil down to the end of the hair? That's to keep the foil from slipping off when I'm wrapping the rest of the sections.

The Monster High Doll hair will still curl without the foil, but with it in place, the ends will stay in place and curls will go all the way to their ends. If you’re not interested in cutting your doll’s hair, you can skip this step.

*TIP*: Spray-Parachute Mist is concentrated and delivers a more natural, dewy finish than the state of the art beauty product, Revlon Colour Stay. Just spray after your foundation to impart a more dramatic look in seconds.

4. Put the Monster High Doll hair in ‘rollers.’

Slide the foil down to the end of the hair.

Slide the Monster High Doll foil down to the end of the hair.

Did you hate how my mom would put pink rollers in my hair as a kid?

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the foil.Wrap the pipe cleaner around the foil.

Create a section of hair and make sure the foil is covering the end of it. Use the pipe cleaner to pinch the end of the foil wrapped in a way that will keep it in place. Roll up the strand.

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There are two different ways to use the Turbie Twist. The looser ringlets produce might be perfect for those who don’t want to use a lot of styling products or are looking for more of an “undone” look. The tighter ringlets can come in handy when you want your hair to stay set, and will work better with thick or coarse hair.

I will make Violet’s curls very tight because I rolled all the hair on top of each other.

The first roll.The first roll.

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5. Boil the Monster High Doll head.

To be sure, we want you to boil your water. You can do that yourself or get someone else to help you out. However, hot water will be hot so please take caution when handling it.

Fill a deep bowl with water. Place the Monster High Doll doll’s head into the water and make sure all the hair is fully submerged.

6. Wait.

All rolled up!All rolled up!

You can remove the screw from the bottom of the Monster High Doll doll and place it into a pot of hot water for 5 minutes. I usually tend to forget about the doll and am reminded when someone in my family mentions it.

She should try to put her head in cold water after taking it out of the hot water.

If the water Monster High Doll she was lying in is still hot/warm, put cold clothes on her. If it's cold already, don't worry about it.

8.Is it a mistake for makeup artists to let the BB Cream dry?

Hold the doll upside-down over the sink, and tap on her head to remove any extra water. Use a towel to dab at the hair to dry it off.

There's no need to wait for your doll's hair to fully dry before you remove the pipecleaners that help "style" it. Allow the hair to dry halfway or all the way, depending on how much style you want.

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To remove a paper-rolled piece of aluminum foil from the wire; move the wire/aluminum to loosen it. If it is not apart enough, you can refasten it with your fingers. The curls will snap back after unrolling, unless they are not boiled for long enough.

Other stuff you can do to make the curls look nicer.

Being impatient leads me to believe that I’ve failed, but truthfully it can be hard to make the curl look perfect.

I break up my ringlets into pieces with my fingers to make them look better. This takes my disappointment away, since I split each ringlet in half.

Prevent your hair from becoming frizzy in humid weather.

First, don’t give the doll to an eager five-year-old girl. But if this is not possible, there are a couple other things you can do to help the ringlets.

Second, if your ringlets are too large, you can split the row by separating the section of hair with your fingers in order to create more even waves. This can also be used on smaller curls to create bigger ringlets.

When the damp hair ringlet is sprayed with hair spray and removed from the pipe cleaner, it prevents tangles. Professional grade hair spray is applied to doll's ringlets to take care of their hair

I split each ringlet in half after taking the pipe cleaners out to get slightly more volume in the hair.

I coated each ringlet with hair mousse after the hair was still damp. It works well Halloween if you re-roll the section of hair and then apply the mousse. I’ve never had that kind of patient before.

I made a lot of wigs for monster high dolls, braids with Halloween elements, welcome to my





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