How to custom blythe doll wednesday addams ?

Creating a custom Blythe doll inspired by Wednesday Addams from "The Addams Family" can be a fun and creative project. Here are the steps to help you customize your Blythe doll into a Wednesday Addams look:

Materials Needed:

  • Blythe doll
  • Supplies for customizing (acrylic paint, brushes, sealant, carving tools)
  • Black doll wig or yarn
  • Black dress or fabric for making a dress
  • White collared shirt
  • Black stockings or tights
  • Black shoes
  • Miniature accessories (optional, e.g., a spider, book, or dollhouse props)
  • Craft glue or fabric glue
  • Sewing materials (if making a dress)


  1. Prepare Your Blythe Doll:

    • Begin by removing the doll's existing outfit and accessories. Carefully detach the head from the body for easier customization if necessary.
  2. Customize the Face:

    • Use acrylic paint and fine brushes to create Wednesday Addams' signature pale face with dark, expressive eyes and red lips. Be patient and take your time to capture the character's likeness. You can find reference images of Wednesday Addams online for inspiration.
  3. Seal the Face:

    • After you're satisfied with the face-up, seal the paint with a clear sealant to protect it and make it durable.
  4. Customize the Hair:

    • If your Blythe doll doesn't already have black hair, consider replacing the doll's wig with a black one. Alternatively, you can use black yarn to create a wig for your doll. Style the hair into two neat braids or pigtails, which is characteristic of Wednesday's hairstyle.
  5. Create the Outfit:

    • Dress your Blythe doll in a black dress with a white collared shirt. You can either find a miniature dress that fits or make one yourself by sewing black fabric. Ensure the dress is age-appropriate and of a modest length, similar to Wednesday Addams' style.
  6. Add Accessories:

    • Accessorize your doll with black stockings or tights and black shoes. If you have miniature props like a tiny spider or a miniature book, you can include these as well to enhance the character's look.
  7. Pose and Display:

    • Once your custom Blythe doll is dressed as Wednesday Addams, pose her in a spooky or Gothic-themed dollhouse or display her in a manner that reflects the character's eerie charm.
  8. Photograph and Share:

    • Take pictures of your custom Blythe doll in her Wednesday Addams outfit and share your creation with the Blythe doll community or on social media platforms.

Creating a custom Blythe doll inspired by Wednesday Addams allows you to explore your artistic skills and celebrate the iconic character. Be patient and have fun with the process to bring Wednesday's dark and whimsical persona to life in miniature form.

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