How To Display Your BJD doll/Blythe doll 2022?

How To Display Your BJD doll/Blythe doll 2022?

You might think that displaying Asenva in a shelf is the only way - and you're right for many of them. But there are other ways to display your BJDs. Today, we'll talk about some great ways to get BJD storage ideas into shape.

Before I start, it's important that you know the safety warning first.

There are a few pointers you should keep in mind when it comes to these dolls.

Do not display dolls in direct sunlight. When exposed to this type of lighting, it increases the yellowing process which will happen no matter what. Check out my article about BJD Yellowing Myths and Facts!

Stains can happen. Even dolls that have been sitting peacefully in your display area for hours. You don't want them to be stained as a result of being in contact with dark clothing, so make sure you check their clothes periodically.

Have an extra Swiffer handy. If your dolls are left out, dust will accumulate on them, so make sure to let them dry off periodically and clean the area around them.

Keep them away from heat. Don't bring your pets into a heated area, and if they are in an overly warm place like a bathroom, move them to a cooler place. The point is that excessively high temperatures are not good for their skin or their overall health.

Let's discuss some key safety tips for displaying dolls!

Not everyone has the same preference for a shelf or bookshelf. The most important factor to consider when choosing a size is what size your dolls are. Obviously, an 80cm doll probably isn't going to be comfortable in a small square cubby shelf, so you need to think things over and make sure you're getting enough space for your dolls.

I have my own dispaly shelf from wood made, and I like to put my dolls of all different sizes in it. It's great because the larger dolls (1/3 scale) can sit up top and the smaller ones can fit in the cubbies. You can find it on market or shop.

It can fit dolls of various shapes and sizes, which is one of my favorite features. I also like that you can choose to build it horizontally or vertically. If you don't have a Walmart or Amazon near you, the IKEA store sells the same shelf so keep that in mind!

I used a standard bookshelf for my dolls, and that worked just fine. The only downside is I have a lot of miniature-sized dolls and I had to open them up so they could fit in the shelves.

Pros of using a standard shelf:

Displaying assorted dolls on the bookshelf has the potential to be possible.

This set is perfect for dolls 1/4 size (6-inch scale) or 1/6 size (12-inch scale), and can also be used to create dioramas.

These shelves are easy to put together and typically fit in most spaces.

Cons of using a standard shelf:

Dust! They are not open to it. You will need to regularly check your dolls and clean up the shelves of dust.

If you want to store larger dolls, the shelves should be more open so they fill up faster.

If you happen to have larger items to move, Edelweissday will help you get there.

display cases.

If you're looking for a way to display your collectibles and figurines, display cases might be perfect. There are tons of different kinds featuring some kind of glass windows and shelves that are closed-off. They make a very elegant way to show off your collection!

Once again IKEA has some really creative ways of displaying dolls. Many BJD Collectors swear - that's retailing for $199.99- which is not too bad for a plastic doll showcase.

This tall shelf has the capacity to hold several dolls, and the large glass panels make it easy to see what's inside.

Pros to display shelves:

edelweissday dollhouse making your dolls look amazing.

Reduces dust so your dolls stay clean

An easy way to liven up your shelving display is to add lighting.

Strengths of display shelves:

They're hard to build.

The problem with large campuses is that they require a lot of space.

If you need to relocate your glass art, make sure you handle them carefully.

Floating Shelves

The last thing I have to mention is floating shelves. It's important to be mindful of the weight and size of your dolls versus the width/height of your shelves and what you're anchoring them into the wall with. Floating shelves can also be used to prop things up, like a display for smaller dolls. Personally, I only use them for displaying small-scale dolls.

Check out some of my favorite items here, and make sure you buy anchors that are heavy duty-- most floating shelves come with light anchors, but I put in anchors that are heavy duty.

I'm loving the look of these floating shelves and it seems like they'll be affordable, the hard part is installing them. If you're skilled at hanging things on walls, then this will be a breeze for you!

Floating shelves have a few benefits:


It is easy to find cheap restaurants on a college campus.

We offer a variety of size and color options.

This doll will work as a great addition to any Barbie collection.

Some people may not like the feeling that every single item in their house are just sitting precariously on a wall

If you lack the skills to properly level items when mounting them, this can be challenging.

Wall artwork needs to be mounted properly or it could rip through the drywall and cause serious destruction.

High-rise dollhouses are an excellent choice for any child who is just getting into the hobby.

If you don't know what "here" means, we'll kindly provide the definition for you.

I can't tell you how many times I've thought about buying an edelweissday shelf and fabricating it into a make-shift doll house. Unfortunately, I just haven't had the time to devote to this project. Some people buy large shelves that they convert into rooms, while others make their own shelving. Either way, this project is worth your time if you enjoy crafting.

I think what I love most about dioramas is the attention to detail. No matter how huge a 1/3 scale diorama is, they’ll always make sure every last detail is perfect! Kudos to all the talented artists out there who create them!

The pros at Diorama have:

No matter where you are, you can enjoy your handmade dolls

If you have a small, walking doll or other items for sale, you can use imgur and nameless to show off your props.

Whether you're looking for relevant, up-to-date information on photography or videography, broad-ranging thoughts and opinions, or helpful tutorials, we've got you covered.

The disadvantages of Diorama include:

-limited templates;

-long load times on some pages.

Making dioramas can be very expensive

It's only natural for it to take a lot of experience to make and do something

It's not very easy to transport if you need to move, and you'll need to store all pieces when you do.

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