How to Identify a fake Blythe doll ?

Identifying a fake Blythe doll can be challenging, as counterfeit dolls can closely resemble genuine ones. However, there are certain characteristics and details you can look for to help determine the authenticity of a Blythe doll:

  1. Quality of Materials:

    • Genuine Blythe dolls are made with high-quality materials. Examine the overall build, plastic quality, and finishing details. Counterfeit dolls may have lower-quality materials and less attention to detail.
  2. Brand Markings:

    • Authentic Blythe dolls have clear and precise markings on their bodies, often indicating the brand, copyright information, and sometimes the manufacturing location. Check for these markings on the back of the doll's head or the back of the body.
  3. Face Mold and Features:

    • Examine the face mold and features carefully. Genuine Blythe dolls have a unique and recognizable face sculpt. Look for details such as the shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Counterfeit dolls may have subtle differences or lack the distinct Blythe charm.
  4. Articulation and Body Type:

    • Authentic Blythe dolls typically have non-articulated Takara bodies with specific proportions, resembling pre-tween bodies. Counterfeit or factory dolls may have articulated bodies, a developed bust, or other body variations.
  5. Eye Mechanism:

    • Genuine Blythe dolls have a pull string mechanism that controls the eye movement. Check if the pull string works smoothly and if the eyes change color as intended. Counterfeit dolls may have issues with the pull string mechanism.
  6. Hair Quality:

    • Pay attention to the quality of the doll's hair. Genuine Blythe dolls often have high-quality, rooted hair. Counterfeit dolls may have lower-quality hair that is prone to tangling or falling out.
  7. Packaging:

    • Examine the packaging if available. Genuine Blythe dolls usually come in well-designed and branded packaging with clear product information. Counterfeit dolls may have packaging that lacks the same level of detail and quality.
  8. Price and Source:

    • Be cautious of unusually low prices or purchasing from unverified sources. Genuine Blythe dolls can be relatively expensive due to their collectible nature. Buying from reputable sellers, official retailers, or established marketplaces can reduce the risk of getting a fake.
  9. Join Blythe Communities:

    • Participate in Blythe doll communities, forums, or social media groups. Seek advice from experienced collectors who can help verify the authenticity of a doll based on photos and details.
  10. Compare with Authentic Models:

    • Familiarize yourself with authentic Blythe dolls by researching official releases and models. This can help you recognize subtle differences between genuine and fake dolls.

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Remember that counterfeiters may continuously improve their replication techniques, so staying informed and seeking guidance from experienced collectors can be valuable when determining the authenticity of a Blythe doll.

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