1 Make your needle better. There are a variety of needles that can help you improve your needle felting practice, depending on how far along you want to go. You can make your own needle apparatus to look more like a writing instrument. Additionally, multiple-needle devices of all kinds can be made. For the initial compressions, some devices include up to four needles.
If you don't want to build your own device, you can find a lot of other options online.

2 Try different fibers. There are numerous distinct fibers, each of which serves a distinct purpose. Unless your local craft store carries a variety of alpaca or sheep wool, this could be the place where you investigate online suppliers. Consider the following choices:
Batting wool is an excellent material for sculpture.
Similar to batting, roving wool is better suited to thin forms like ropes than to wide sheets.
While prefelt wool can be used to dress your sculptures, it should not be used as a base.

3. Include stitching. Compression with your felting needle may not be sufficient for some of your ideas. To secure your designs, you may need to use a more conventional method of string and needle stitching in some instances. If you are concerned about how your design will distribute its weight, you should only use this.

4 Make use of supplies like wires. Occasionally, you will need to use a wire as the structure's support base in order to create malleable designs. Try something new with the various materials that you can use to make wool. A foam ball, for instance, could serve as a foundation. This could help you save time and wool.

5 Make use of cutters. Buy a heart-shaped cookie cutter if you are certain you will make a lot of them. Having a pre-made outline will save you time and effort. Some craft stores will even carry a selection of needle felting-friendly shapes.



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