How to Maintain BJD/BLYTHE/MONSTERHIGH dolls, prevent skin yellowing, prevent staining

How to Maintain BJD/BLYTHE/MONSTERHIGH dolls, prevent skin yellowing, prevent staining

FIVE Don't
1 Do not expose BJD/BLYTHE/MONSTERHIGH dolls to the sun, try to reduce the number of exposure to light (if you do not play with it, store it properly in a dry and dark environment).
2 Do not approach high temperature.
3 Do not clean up with DOLL body wash.
Try not to wear dark hair nets all the time, it will stain the scalp. The silicone headgear is also avoided for long-term wear, after all, it is a soft plastic.
4When cleaning the DOLL wig, do not wash it with water above 70°C, dry it in the shade (do not expose it to the sun).
5When not playing, try to avoid wearing dark clothes close to the body of the baby, and some clothes will fade.
Wash with cold water (do not use hot water) before wearing. DOLL Dark clothes can be washed with salt water (anti-fading), but avoid prolonged soaking. DOLL Clothes with many decorations should be hand washed in turn. Wash  dark and light colors separately to prevent mutual staining. .

1. Proper use of matting agent can prevent coloration and joint wear, and can properly resist UV (read the instructions before use, do not damage the resin by operating errors)
Keep in a clean, dry environment.

2When there are stains, use a small amount of water to clean up, or use a sponge to wipe the Kling.Make sure your hands are clean before touching the DOLL body of the bjd doll, do not touch the makeup face, when cleaning the face, wipe gently with a clean soft brush, do not use force, so as not to damage the makeup.
3 The ultimate way to prevent yellowing and aging.
4Vacuum cover, when not playing, vacuum and protect from light to ensure that the yellowing speed is super slow.
5. Try to choose a website , excellent resin formula, good quality and after-sales guarantee to buy dolls.

However, there is a concept that must be clarified here, that is, bjd, to put it bluntly, it is a DOLL. All DOLLS have a shelf life. Don't force bjd to be like new forever, sometimes a little "trace of time" may have different styles and features.



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