How to maintain for dolls?

How to maintain for dolls?



1. Ensure that the space where the doll is located is dry and clean.

2. Try not to let the body of the doll touch the water.

3. All the doll's personal clothing [such as underwear, vest, etc.] please try to choose light colors, such as flesh color, pink, white, etc.

4. Try to avoid touching the face of the doll with your hands, so as to ensure the brightness and durability of the makeup.

5. When going out, try to choose cloudy and windless weather to avoid direct exposure to strong light.

6. If there are stains on the doll, don't rub it hard with your hands, just use the wiper to gently wipe off the stains.

7. Please place the doll in a safe place every time to avoid problems such as falling from a height and falling.

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