Utilizing a special barbed needle and raw carded wool, create amazing wool creations. It's easy, cheap, and you can make almost anything you can imagine. Make small steps until you master needle felting. Once you know the basics, you can make more complicated designs.

1. Beginning with the Basics Choose a shape to work on. Needle felting can be used to make a lot of different things. You should work on something at least three inches in diameter when you first start. Try a straightforward geometric shape like
Obtain the materials. Triangle Square Heart

2 You can find felting supplies in some local craft stores, but you can also find more equipment online. You'll need:
Wool fiber Foam cushion or pillow

3 Prepare the wool. One or two felting needles Tear a wool sheet at least a half-inch thicker than the shape you intend to make. On each side of the template you've made, make sure the wool is 1/2 inch larger.

4 Place the wool on top of the foam. A cushion made of foam or an old pillow can be used. If you choose this option, the pillow will undoubtedly have holes in it, so be aware.

5 Insert the needle randomly into the wool. To begin, ensure that the wool is firmly positioned on the surface you choose. Randomly poke the wool in an up-and-down motion. You don't have to be aggressive. Keep an eye on your fingers as you perform this action.

6 Draw a line around your shape in the center of the wool. Draw an outline of the shape you've chosen with straight pins. Then, using your felting needle, move along the outline in an upward and downward motion. The fibers will be compressed into the outline by this motion.

7 Compress the shape's center. Flatten the center of the shape by going through it with your felting needle. Take your time performing the up-and-down motion until your shape emerges.

8 Fold the extra wool over. The extra wool should be folded in the middle. Now, using your felting needle, perform the previous procedure of compressing the shape's center, compressing the excess into the center instead. As a result, the edge will be smooth and rounded.

9 Clasp the backside shut. Flip the wool over so that the shape appears clean. Now, using your felting needle, compress all of the fuzzies that were left behind.
For faster results, secure your shape with straight pins. Additionally, this will prevent your fingers from being stabbed.




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