how to needle felt a mouse 2023 ?

how to needle felt a mouse 2023 ?

Here are the steps to needle felt a mouse:


  • Wool roving in various colors (gray, white, black, pink)
  • Felting needles (medium gauge and fine gauge)
  • Foam pad or felting mat
  • Small scissors
  • Wire or pipe cleaners (optional)


  1. Start by creating the basic shape of the mouse's body. Take a small piece of gray wool roving and roll it into a ball. Use the felting needle to poke and shape the wool into an oval shape. This will be the body of the mouse.

  2. Add the mouse's head. Take a smaller piece of gray wool roving and shape it into a smaller oval shape. Attach it to the body by felting it onto the body with the needle.

  3. Create the ears. Take two small pieces of gray wool roving and shape them into teardrop shapes. Attach them to the top of the mouse's head by felting them on with the needle.

  4. Create the arms and legs. Take four small pieces of gray wool roving and shape them into small cylinders. Attach them to the sides and bottom of the mouse's body by felting them on with the needle.

  5. Add the mouse's features. Take small pieces of black wool roving and shape them into two small circles for the eyes and a small triangle for the nose. Attach them to the face with the needle.

  6. Add details to the mouse. Take small pieces of white wool roving and add some fur texture to the mouse's body, head, and ears by felting it on with the needle. Use the pink wool roving to add some blush to the mouse's cheeks.

  7. Shape and refine the mouse. Use the felting needle to shape and refine the mouse's features, and add more wool roving as needed to build up the shape.

  8. Optional: If you want your mouse to be posable, you can insert wire or pipe cleaners into the arms and legs before felting them onto the body.

  9. Trim any excess wool or stray fibers with small scissors.

By following these steps, you should be able to needle felt a cute and cuddly mouse that you can use as a decorative piece or a toy. Be patient and take your time, and enjoy the process of creating something by hand.

here are some additional tips and tricks for needle felting a mouse:

  1. Start with a reference image: Before you begin, it can be helpful to have a reference image of a mouse to guide you in shaping the body and adding details.

  2. Use a foam pad or felting mat: A foam pad or felting mat will provide a stable surface for you to work on, and will also help protect your work surface and your felting needles.

  3. Use different gauges of felting needles: Different gauges of felting needles can be used for different stages of the felting process. Use a medium gauge needle for shaping the body and limbs, and a fine gauge needle for adding details and refining the shape.

  4. Don't forget about proportion: Pay attention to the proportions of the mouse's body and features, to make sure that everything looks realistic and balanced.

  5. Experiment with different colors and textures: You can use different colors of wool roving to add variation to your mouse, and you can also experiment with different textures by using curly or fluffy wool roving.

  6. Be patient: Needle felting can be a time-consuming process, especially when working on small details. Take your time and work slowly, being careful not to poke yourself with the sharp felting needles.

By following these tips and techniques, you should be able to create a cute and realistic needle felted mouse that you can be proud of. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of creating something unique and beautiful by hand.

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