If you want to repaint a doll with more unique features, you can use acrylic pencil,sennelier toner and colored pencils for a softer look or acrylic paints for a bold one.

1.Be sure to polishing remove all of the paint before you start painting.Tie back the doll's hair. Keep all of the hair back and out of her face, and covered with a cloth. This will prevent sealant from getting in her hair and make it sticky or stiff. Cover as much of the hair as you can, and pin it in place with a rubber band or hair elastic.

2.Apply two coats of sealant to the doll. Wait at least fifteen minutes before the next coat and let it dry. Apply more coats as needed.

3.To make the head, start by applying powder to pastel paper with a roller, then use painting brushes to apply color. As you add skin tones, be sure to leave the head white and make colors pop with contrast. Afterward, use spray paint or a sealant so your doll doesn't get messed up.

4.To complete the look, line the eyes using a white colored pencil or paint. You can create your own design, or line the eyes along the doll's sculpt.You need to let the paint dry before continuing.

5.Draw the eye outline, glue on lashes. Use darker hair color to outline eyes, and darker color to further define lashes.Keep your brush stroke small and careful, avoid blocky lines.

6.To complete the eyes, choose a color to fill in the irises. To decide which direction the eyes will be looking, think about which way you want her to look.

7.Start with a small dot of white paint, to make the eyes look bright. Don't go overboard with their use, as they will lose their clarity if there is too much.
Outline the eyebrows with a brush, then use the pastels to fill in brows for a doll.

8.With the same colored pencil, draw or paint on the eyelashes. Move the pencil downwards, just like how you’d make short strokes for individual hairs. Work slowly so you don’t forget where you left off and in order to get a natural look.To give the eyes more depth, add a small crease with a brown pencil.

9.Blush the doll’s lip with sennelier toner your desired shade of red or pink. It is simple to overdo them, so be aware. Be sure to follow the lip’s shape for a perfect blush.If you want to add more details, use a red or pink pencil to add small lines. You don't need to go over the line.

10.Add beauty marks or freckles, if desired. To do this, you can use small dots of brown or black paint to create either. You can also use dots in different shades of brown for freckles.

11.Apply one final coat of sealant to the head. You may have sprayed the head a couple of times during this process. Once done painting, you'll need to add one final coat. Allow the doll's head to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

12.Sennelier toner repaint the lips and add a gloss to make the toy more lifelike.Apply lashes if there are any that the doll needs. Carefully glue them in place, occluding the eye with the lashes. Craft glue is best for this. The glue needs to be fully dried before proceeding with other actions.

Think about what you want your doll to look like before you start a repaint. Consider the features you want, and avoid rushing in blind.When it comes to your painting skills, invest in high-quality products to get the best results. Cheap canvas and pencils could lead to poor quality, unprofessional art work.

Repainting requires a lot of practice to be halfway decent. Your first customs will not be perfect, but that's okay. Every custom you make will improve over time. You will get better with patience and experience by practicing as often as you can.Keep adding layers but be sure not to overdo it. If you take too long adding layers, your product will get gunky and affect the final result negatively.If you are considering repainting your collector's doll, take into consideration that it may not be worth the effort. Some people are willing to pay for the art of the repaint itself, but you will lose a lot of your original value when altering the design.

Sealant is highly hazardous to your health. Always spray it outside and be careful not to breathe it in, as it can cause severe respiratory problems, such as lung cancer. This warning is to be taken very seriously.Older teens should be able to do light repainting, but it's not recommended for younger children to paint. The process is difficult and tedious, so children may become angry when their doll doesn't turn out how they wanted.One of the most fragile parts is the face. Avoid touching it whenever possible and do not play with it like a toy, if the doll sustains damage to the paint your work will be more expensive.

Repainting takes a lot of time, so avoid doing it and make sure to avoid making mistakes.

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