How To Repainting a Fashion  Doll 2022?

How To Repainting a Fashion Doll 2022?

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, with family and friends who know about your hobby of collecting/customizing dolls but don’t judge you.

This dolls was my first commission of 2020, and I was happy because it's the first Fashion Royalty doll I had ever painted.

What are Fashion Royalty dolls?


There are many different types of dolls with different themes and collections, all of which are designed by Integrity Toys, a company know for their diverse lines of dolls. For example, their Dracula's Brides line features high-end fashion dolls that range in price, while Jem and the Holograms has a more affordable price range. You can explore these different types on the Integrity Toys website in the "Dolls" tab at the top.

With Fashion Royalty dolls, their bodies are intricately articulated - from the neck down to their legs. Their torsos and hips are also moveable. Barbie dolls are perhaps a more affordable alternative to Fashion Royalty dolls.


The Barbie body type has been contested by many people. This is after I have customized the Fashion Royalty doll's style to look more like a Barbie doll.
Integrity Toys only sell their dolls through authorized dealers, which can be found through the company’s website. The dolls are priced at a range of $120-$200+, depending on the collection and outfit.

How to Repaint a Doll

The process for repainting a Barbie doll is the same for other Barbie dolls. However, these dolls cost more so it is more anxiety-inducing. For this tutorial I'm speaking from experience but if you want to know the different steps, there's no time for that here.

First Steps First: Take a good look at the factory paint job.


Dolls with specific head details can be reshaped as needed because the factory put-in specific facial features. Because of this detail, it is very easy to see where a nose or eye should be placed for maximum realism. Other dolls should be handled with caution because they lack this detail and will always require an artistic eye.

I recommend taking a look at the doll’s factory paint because that will tell you about how much flexibility the doll offers in terms of expressions. Fashion Royalty dolls have sculpted faces which can only vary between a few different expressions.

Step Two: Prep for Repainting

1. Remove eyelashes

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