How to reroot blythe doll hair?

Rerooting Blythe doll hair is a popular customization technique that allows you to replace the doll's existing hair with new hair of your choice. It can be a fun and rewarding process for doll enthusiasts. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to reroot Blythe doll hair:

Materials you'll need:

  1. Blythe doll
  2. Rerooting tool or needle (specifically designed for doll hair)
  3. Replacement doll hair (can be found online or in craft stores)
  4. Scissors
  5. Tweezers (optional, but helpful)
  6. Hair conditioner or fabric softener (to make the hair more manageable)
  7. Water and spray bottle (to wet the hair if needed)

Step-by-step process:

  1. Prepare the doll: Remove the doll's head from its body. This can usually be done by removing a small screw or other fastening mechanism on the back of the doll's head.

  2. Remove the existing hair: If your Blythe doll already has hair, you'll need to remove it first. You can carefully cut or pull out the hair. Be gentle to avoid damaging the scalp or the doll.

  3. Prepare the new hair: If your replacement hair is too long, you may want to cut it to the desired length before starting the rerooting process.

  4. Rerooting: Take your rerooting tool or needle and start inserting it through the scalp in the area where you want to place the hair. Push the tool through until it comes out of the head. Make sure the tool goes deep enough to hold the hair securely.

  5. Insert the hair: Take a small section of replacement hair and fold it in half, creating a loop. Place the looped end of the hair onto the hook of the rerooting tool and gently pull the tool back through the hole in the scalp. This should pull the hair through the scalp and leave the looped end on the inside. Now, take the two loose ends of the hair and pull them through the loop to create a knot, securing the hair in place. Repeat this process until you have filled the entire area with hair.

  6. Work in sections: It's often easier to reroot the hair in sections rather than trying to do the whole head at once. Divide the head into manageable sections and work on one at a time.

  7. Styling and grooming: Once you have finished rerooting the hair, you can style and groom it as desired. Use a comb or brush to create the desired look for your Blythe doll's hair.

  8. Optional: If the new hair is too unruly or stiff, you can mist it with water or a mixture of water and fabric softener to make it more manageable. This can help reduce frizz and make styling easier.

Remember that rerooting doll hair can be a time-consuming and delicate process, so patience and attention to detail are essential. Enjoy the process, and have fun customizing your Blythe doll's hair to make her truly unique!

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