Is it difficult to needle felt?

Is it difficult to needle felt?

(needle felted animals kit usually taken by needle felting beginner)

The art of needle felting can be learned by anyone. It's a simple craft that kids and adults alike can do to unwind or even while on the go. In this art, shapes are created by repeatedly poking wool with a needle. I absolutely adore making adorable felt animals, but you can make just about anything. The great thing about needle felting is that you don't have to be an artist or have any experience with crafts to get started.

It is accurate to say that needle felting requires the use of needles. But don't worry about it. When needle felting, we don't use sewing needles. This craft calls for special needles that are made to matte fibers together. They are thick enough to handle the process of shaping sculpted objects or fabric from loose wool. They also have tiny barbs on the ends, which make them tangle and stick together when the needle is inserted into the fibers.

Continue reading if you are considering needle felting and are here. You might have been inspired to try making your own needle felted sculpture after seeing one, like many others. No matter what brought you here, it doesn't matter. We hope you give needle felting a try with an open mind at the very least.
The amount of time required to create your stunning sculpture should be your first consideration. Depending on the size and complexity of the sculpture, a project can take anywhere from three to six hours or more. Although 30-minute how-to videos may have appeared online, it is likely that they do not accurately reflect the project's full scope of effort.

Therefore, keep in mind that, just like with any other form of art, you won't become a professional overnight. All of it requires practice and time. It's best to take baby steps when starting something new. You might want to immediately go all out and create masterpieces, but doing so will only lead to a great deal of frustration. However, it is true that some people quickly master the basics and move on to more difficult levels.

Beginners of any age can get started in needle felting with the help of starter kits and other crafts. The appropriate materials and wool in a good starter kit make the process simpler. My favorite needle holders, our very own  Wool Felting cushions, and responsibly-raised Spanish staple woolsamples from sheep that were raised on our farm are all included in our starter kits. While Spanish staple wool, in my experience, is the easiest to work with, some people would argue that the type of wool is irrelevant. It stays firm when felted, unlike other wool, resulting in a very sturdy sculpture in the end. No matter how much they are felted, other wools tend to remain soft and supple. However, you can experiment with different wool on your own as you advance in your craft.
The most difficult aspect of needle felting is felting with a wire armature, which is the metal framework used to help form your sculpture's body. The goal is to create sturdy animals that can stand on their own by wrapping felt wool around the wire. This is hard because you have to be careful not to stab your needle too hard so that it hits the wire, which could break and bend. And whether you've been needle felting for a while or are just getting started, stabbing into your wool requires a little bit of force. Additionally, you will need to cut and shape your wire, which can be time-consuming.

I only use wire for the legs of my felting sculptures because this area is so small and narrow and requires stability to keep the animal standing, despite the fact that it is common practice to make a complete wire armature of the body prior to felting. I learned growing up on a farm that an animal's posture can tell a lot about its health. Therefore, I want to always create my sculptures in an upright, attractive posture. Having said that, not all of my animals, like my elephants and bunnies, have armatures. Are wire armatures necessary for your felting project? Everything depends on what you want to happen. As I previously stated, begin with small steps and continue experimenting with novel strategies as you progress. However, never forget to protect your creative helmet.

Our most recent addition to our collection of beginner kits, our beginner Duckling craft kit, is the perfect way to get started needle felting. You won't have to use any wires, but you will have everything you need to make your own adorable duckling. Join the Edelweiss day Needle Felting Academy, which is ideal for beginners, if you want access to video tutorials, pdf downloads, and the ability to ask me questions.

Beautiful! A piece like this can take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to complete. Take it easy and have fun with it!

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