Is Tomie good or evil 2023 ?

Is Tomie good or evil 2023 ?


Tomie is typically portrayed as a villainous character in the stories she appears in. She is often depicted as manipulative and seductive, using her beauty to charm and control those around her. Her actions often lead to destruction and tragedy, causing those who encounter her to become obsessed with her and ultimately leading to their downfall. However, there are some stories in which Tomie is portrayed in a more sympathetic light, showing her as a victim of circumstance or a tragic figure. Overall, whether Tomie is seen as good or evil depends on the interpretation of the individual reader or viewer.


Tomie's character is often seen as a symbol of the dark side of feminine power, and her stories explore themes of jealousy, obsession, and the destructive power of beauty. Tomie's influence over others is often described as supernatural, with her beauty and charm being almost hypnotic. Her ability to regenerate from any injury, even if it means creating multiple versions of herself, also adds to her mystique and makes her seem almost invincible.


Tomie's character has been compared to other horror icons such as Dracula and Frankenstein's monster, but with a unique twist. Unlike those characters, Tomie is not an outsider or a monster created by science or magic. Instead, she is a normal girl who is so beautiful and alluring that she becomes a supernatural threat to those around her. This makes her character all the more unsettling, as her threat is rooted in something that is usually considered desirable.

Tomie's stories have been adapted into various media, including films, television shows, and manga. Her influence on Japanese horror culture is significant, and she remains a popular and iconic figure in Japanese horror today.

One of the reasons Tomie has remained a popular character in Japanese horror culture is because of the way she embodies both the allure and the horror of femininity. Her character is often used to explore themes of beauty, vanity, and jealousy, and how these emotions can lead to destructive behavior.

In many of Tomie's stories, she is the object of desire for numerous male characters, who become obsessed with her beauty and are willing to go to great lengths to possess her. Her power over these characters is both intoxicating and dangerous, as it often leads to violence and destruction.

Another notable aspect of Tomie's character is her ability to regenerate, which is a unique aspect of her supernatural powers. In some stories, her regeneration is linked to her beauty, and she becomes more beautiful with each new incarnation. This plays into the idea that beauty can be a powerful and dangerous force, and that it can have consequences beyond what we might expect.

Overall, Tomie's character is complex and multifaceted, and her stories continue to be relevant today as they explore themes of beauty, power, and the darker side of human nature.

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