Junji Ito's "Tomie"

  1. TOMIE doll

  2. Weird and Wonderful:

    • The reader describes their first experience with Junji Ito's work as both weird and wonderful, living up to the expectations set by others.
  3. Creepy and Awful Storyline:

    • The storyline revolves around Tomie, a character who inspires love in men and jealousy in women, often leading to gruesome murders and dismemberment. The narrative features elements of horror and gore.
  4. Regeneration and Gory Endings:

    • Tomie has the ability to regenerate from injuries, contributing to the eerie and unsettling nature of the stories. The review mentions fantastically gory ways in which Tomie meets her end.
  5. Connected and Standalone Chapters:

    • Some chapters in the collection are connected, while others stand on their own. The stories share a consistent vibe throughout.
  6. Sympathy for Unfortunate Characters:

    • The review expresses that the collection evokes sympathy and pity for characters unfortunate enough to encounter Tomie. This suggests that Tomie's actions have a negative impact on those around her.
  7. Varied Artwork:

    • The artwork is described as fantastic in some parts, while in others, it may be somewhat lost in the black-and-white gore depicted on the pages. The overall quality contributes to the eerie atmosphere of the stories.
  8. Eerie Quality and Story Momentum:

    • The collection is noted for its eerie quality that propels the story forward, creating a sense of anticipation and suspense.
  9. Overall Positive Reception with Limits:

    • The reader expresses a positive overall impression but mentions that the level of torment depicted in the stories might make it challenging for them to read it again.

In summary, the review captures the unsettling and captivating nature of Junji Ito's "Tomie," acknowledging its unique and creepy qualities while also noting the impact on the reader's emotional experience.


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