Abbey Bominable

Abbey Bominable is the yeti's Russian-accented daughter. She was voiced by Erin Fitzgerald until 2015, Cristina Milizia from 2017 to 2018, Aishwarya Pillai in the 2022 TV series, and Nasiv Sail in the live-action movie. She has streaks of blue, pink, and purple in her white hair; and skin of blue She is Ghoulia Yelps' translator, and she has a baby wooly mammoth named Shiver[19]. She has a Russian accent, her cousins have Slavic names, and she mentions a mountain celebrity named Anton Yaklovitch, despite claiming to be Tibetan. She has been Russian since she was created.

She claims that her boyfriend, Heath Burns, "makes her laugh." Abbey spends the week at the home of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. Themes of ice and fur are always present in Abbey's clothing. Abbey's yeti-tusks protrude from her lower lip and touch her upper lip. As a yeti monster, Abbey also possesses psychokinetic abilities, or the ability to shape and control ice. Shiver, a baby woolly mammoth with white fur and blue skin, is Abbey's pet.

She is Indian-American in the 2022 reboot. She and her mother both speak Nepalese in the 2022 television series, so it would appear that she is from Nepal. Because other monsters were afraid of yetis, Abbey spent her childhood alone on Mount Neverest. However, when the Boo Crew met Abbey, they realized that yetis aren't bad. Abbey, who is friendly but very clumsy, was accepted into Monster High after her mother realized the world has changed since she was a child.

Heather Moiseve voices Amanita Nightshade, a plant monster who was created from the seed of the Corpse Flower, a rare flower that only blooms once every 1,300 years. She has light green skin and purple hair.[21] She is very conceited and enjoys being the center of attention. She discloses that she and Cleo were rivals in the webisode "Bad Tomb-mates." Every 1300 years, she blooms; She was given by the villagers to the De Nile family when she emerged, and she and Cleo became tombmates. Ari Hauntington Ari Hauntington is the daughter of two ghosts and is voiced by Jonquil Goode[24]. She has a habit of "borrowing" people's stuff and then disappearing. Her doll debuted in 2015. She has translucent pale white skin, pale grey eyes, and purple hair. She wears clothes that are bohemian. Monsters are encouraged to be themselves by her pop singer. She has an English accent.[25] She was in the film special Welcome to Monster High, which came out in 2016.

The daughter of the comet aliens, Astranova is portrayed by Erin Fitzgerald and Firoozeh Scoot. She made her debut in the musical Monster High: Boo, York, York! She has blue eyes and skin that is bluish-purple. Based on the widespread urban legend that aliens assisted in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, Astranova's family may have some connection to Ancient Egypt. 26] Avea Trotter The Avea Trotter is a hybrid monster that is voiced by Haviland Stillwell[27]. Her mother is a harpy, and her father is a centaur. She has the body of a horse, blue eyes, purple skin with two tones, and black feathered wings that fade to green. She also wears leg warmers, a black belt, a red jacket with blue ruffled sleeves, and a top hat. Together with other hybrids, she moved to Monster High. She makes her first appearance in the 2014 movie special Freaky Fusion, in which she and the other hybrids assist Frankie Stein's friends after they were fused together on a trip back in time. Batsy Claro is the 17-year-old daughter of a white vampire bat. Despite having the body of a horse, she dislikes being ridden like a pony. She has brown eyes, pale white skin, light green hair, and white wings. The majority of her attire is green. As an exchange student from Ghosta Shrieka, she was introduced to the Brand Boo line. Bonita Femur Bonita Femur is a hybrid monster whose voice is provided by Geeg Friedman. Her mother is a skeleton, while her father is a mothman. She has pale pink skin and platinum-blonde hair with pink and black highlights. The lower half of her hombre-boned wings is black, and the upper half is pink. She wears a print inspired by moths, has a shredded skirt, and her arms are covered in pink netting. She wears yellow netted boots and a belt.[35] She enjoys going to the flea market to look for vintage clothes. Catrine DeMew Catrine DeMew (voiced by Kate Higgins in Scaris: City of Frights, Karen Strassman in the web series' Volumes 4 and 5) is from Scaris, France, and is the daughter of a werecat. She enjoys panting and drawing, and she has shoulder-length purple hair with pink streaks, light blue eyes, and pale white skin.[39] She likes to draw sidewalk chalk art. She made her doll debut at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, and was featured in the 2013 film special Scaris: Catty Noir Catty Noir (voiced by Missi Hale in the We Are Monster High lyric video, Karen Strassman in Volume 4 and Boo York, Boo York) is the daughter of a werecat. She is the subject of a Monster High online video game called Catrine Demew Real Makeover, where players can choose her appearance for her Monster High debut. She has dark skin, pink eyes, and magenta hair with a blue streak. She enjoys going to concerts. In her first outfit, she wears a pink tulle skirt with layers, flounces, and a bodice decorated with a spider web and the number 13. In another outfit, she wears a purple and silver dress with silvery shoulders and a treatment for the bodice, blue shoes, a headband with cat ears, a silver necklace, and pink fingerless gloves.


She first makes an appearance toward the end of the 2013 film special 13 Wishes, but her main full-time role is as the main character in the musical Monster High: Casta Fierce Casta Fierce is the 19-year-old daughter of Circe and a witch. Her style rivals that of Nefera de Nile in Boo York, Boo York . Casta and the Spells, a pop band that performs live once a year on Halloween, has her as lead singer. She has green skin, long black hair with orange and purple streaks, buckled and strapped clothing, and long black hair. Her name is based on Sasha Fierce, an alter ego of the American singer Beyoncé. Because she is a witch, she must ensure that she sings the appropriate lyrics or else she will turn the people in the audience into animals.



Clawdia Wolf is a 2014 Casta Fierce doll that was voiced by Jonquil Goode and is the daughter of a werewolf. She has dark brown skin, light brown eyes, and mustard-yellow hair. She currently resides in Londoom, Fangland, where she studies dramatic writing in the hope of becoming a Hauntlywood screenwriter. She is the older sister of Clawdeen, Clawd, and Howleen.She is always studying. Her outfit consists of a dress with gold and black accents, a sharp red jacket, red knee highs, and studded golden Mary Jane heels. She occasionally wears glasses with a black frame. Dayna Treasura Jones Dayna Treasura Jones is the daughter of Davy Jones. She is a featured character in the 2014 movie Frights, Camera, Action. Her doll was first shown at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013 and was released later that year to go along with the special. Dayna Treasura Jones She has blue eyes and blonde hair. She has parrot earrings and a hat that looks like an open treasure chest. Her clothes include a blue satin skirt with a gold foil print of treasures that can be turned around to look like a treasure map. She also has blue boots that can be pulled off to reveal gold coins. She is in the Shriek Wrecked line of Monster High dolls, which were released toward the end of 2015 and were displayed at Mattel's Toy Fair in 2016.



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