1/4 BJD baby weight in about 2-3 pounds, 1/3 baby weight in about 4-6 pounds.

BJD height is calculated in "points" to 180 cm divided by X points (X for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12) The resulting number is the approximate height of the size of the child.

1/2 size: AOD family dichotomous child 90 cm, the ghost of the humanoid family dichotomous child 75-77 cm.

Uncle size: height of 70 cm or more, some can go to 80 cm or even 90 cm, known as 80 uncle and two-point uncle.

1/3 doll (3 points): height of about 60 cm, generally male children a little higher than female children, and the height of the doll between the various companies is a certain difference.

1/4 doll (4 points): height between 42 cm to 45 cm. This is also there is a difference, mainly between the various companies, and sometimes there is a little height difference between male and female dolls.

1/6 doll (6 points): height around 30 cm: 30 cm (Lati Green), 26 cm or so (V YOSD, mostly BB wares).

1/8 doll (8 points): height around 22 cm.

1/12 doll (12 points): height around 15 cm.

Because the specific circumstances of each doll are different, so there are sd17, sd13 and other more detailed dimensions.

17 male height 67 cm, head circumference 23 cm, hand length 22.7 cm, chest circumference 27.8 cm, waist circumference 20.8 cm, hip circumference 27 cm, leg length 33 cm, foot length 8.2 cm. Usually wear 16 mm eyes, 18 mm if the eyes are large enough. sd17 is an awkward body between 3 points and uncle class. 

Design features

BJD adopts the structural theory of ball and joint, the limbs and torso and each joint are made of a synthetic resin, BJD is characterized by joints that can move freely. Each part is fixed together by 1-2 special rope (baby ring called tendons), and each part can be converted at will. [2] BJD dolls can change clothes, but also modify the makeup, switch hands and feet, hair, eyeballs. In general, except for the five senses can not be changed, all other can be replaced according to their preferences. [4]


BJD plasticity is very high, as long as the makeup, wig, eyes, baby clothes and other slight changes, the doll will have a great change, can be changed from male to female.


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