Why are  Blythe Dolls so Popular 2023 ?

Why are Blythe Dolls so Popular 2023 ?


Take the chance to explore the colorful world of Blythe doll!

We all have such unique characteristics, and EDELWEISSDAY why we are able to help one another. That's why at EDELWEISSDAY we value social inclusiveness and want to share with you why it's so beautiful that there's no one else like you.

There's a lot of diversity in society, and all those subsets should be respected. This is important because living in an area with people from every background and culture can strengthen our horizons of communication, as well as acceptance and development.


Today, you may be walking along the seawall, enjoying the sunset with a hot dog in your hand and a cold drink. Tomorrow, you may be running a marathon and reaching for an icy drink to get some extra hydration. The day after tomorrow, all you want is to relax at home. When you do finally make it out of your house, the best you can hope for is to power up with a sandwich at the local convenience store or with your favorite gadget.

We are all united by our love of life, even though each of us is unique and different.

When you think about your priorities, do they have anything to do with hobbies? Whether it is the sports you love or the cross-stitching projects you enjoy working on, whatever your hobby is you should make sure to prioritize it during the workday. Does looking after yourself matter more than anything else? If so, are you for "body-positive" in all its diversity?

As much as we love living in Florida and the wonderful weather, it's hard to be a swimmer. You are always afraid of broad shoulders, so you opt out of swimming completely. Another example is that you've always wanted freckles and curly copper locks, but have been rewarded with straight black hair and olive skin.

Why stick to the same perspective on a topic when you can explore all angles of it?

Be free to be yourself.

Be resourceful, flexible, and adaptive.

These are our Edelweiss dolls.

edelweissday custom blythe doll

Our dolls are beautifully diverse: they are different shapes, sizes and colors. We love natural beauty, so there's not a single doll that is packaged like an airbrushed model on the front of a magazine. Every girl can find a doll that reflects her own personal preferences. Whether you want to be as close to reality as possible or you're more interested in fantasy play, our dolls are for everyone!

These stylish dolls have eyes like endless oceans—bottomless, enchanting and brimming with charm. The owners' imaginations are not limited by any templates or predetermined narratives. Blythe doll is a blank canvas, one who wears styles as diverse as Gothic Lolita outfits to brightly-colored items studded with ribbons, lace and colorful buttons. Of course, these human-like dolls can be decked out in intricate accessories that emphasize their beautiful makeup and expertly styled hair. But there are also limitless options for those favoring casual style or oversized  blythe doll clothes.

Blythe Dolls is an international doll line that has dolls with fitting names, representing their nationalities and interests.

In a world where everything is so black and white, we believe in creating a balanced space. That's why we're not just choosing black or white. We've chosen a spectrum of color that reflects the modern world through cultural diversity. Diversity is our advantage because it provides endless possibilities.

Located in Southern California, the City of Blythe is full of opportunities for its residents.

EDELWEISSDAY  believes that diversity and individuality are two of the most beautiful qualities in a world. That's why we're actively supporting social inclusiveness. We don't want to see any changes in how we treat one another, or how entire groups of people are treated by society.

One of the most compelling aspects of multiculturalism is its ability to broaden our horizons. It encourages us to communicate with people we're not familiar with, grow as a person, and do something new.

Today, you decide to go for a walk along the seawall and enjoy the setting with a hot dog and your favorite beverage in hand. Tomorrow, you've already eaten seal- level carbohydrates and are preparing for your run. You have a refreshingly cold bottle of water in your hand — with a slice of lemon. And the day after that, all you want is to have nothing but some lazy time under the covers. If you make an effort, your limit of energy will be reaching out to the kitchen or picking up your gadgets.

We are all different with our own interests and hobbies. We have our favorite foods and drinks, or just normal favorites. Regardless of the differences, we share one uniting thing — life.

Is your hobby your passion? If so, it doesn't matter whether you're a sports fan or a hobby fan of barbecues. Whether you love cross-stitching or Nordic walking. What's important to you in this blog post is what your job means to you. Are you for 'body-positive' in all its diversity?

If you love to swim, but are self-conscious about your broad shoulders, you might be avoiding using the pool. Would you like to have freckles and curly copper hair, but nature has given you straight black hair and olive skin instead?

Get out of the box; Step outside your comfort zone.

Be free from judgment and prejudice.

What's your favorite color? Black or white? Don't limit yourself to just two colors. Instead, choose from a spectrum of colors that reflects society in a modern and multicultural world. This is the kind of balance we need so much. Our advantage isn't choosing one particular color, it's exploring all the possibilities of any and every color. Our strength lies in diversity.





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