How to make eyes ina custom Blythe dolls  of 2022

How to make eyes ina custom Blythe dolls of 2022

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The difference between making Blythe Doll eye star glue and ordinary glue

When making Blythe doll eye, everyone knows that star glue is good but the price is also very expensive.

Ordinary glue and ordinary UV glue

So what's the difference?

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Star glue: After the experience, it really lives up to its reputation. It is really useful.

It is transparent and the taste is relatively small to me.

I feel that the whole transparency of the eye piece made by star glue is very good

Ordinary UV glue: the smell is strong. I baked it with a nail lamp and I was a little dizzy

After making it, the whole yellow and yellow is very cloudy, but the price is really cheap

In fact, you can use ordinary glue during practice, and finally make the finished product

Time to try star glue

PS: You can buy a small bottle. I tried 5ML and it can make two pairs of price.

Still quite high

When buying accessories, you can choose nail art. Ultra-small accessories can basically be used.

The drill can be 5-7mm, and the drill is according to your own preferences.



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