The most popular BJD doll company 2022

The most popular BJD doll company 2022

BJD dolls, the best doll company

With the popularity of BJD dolls in recent years and more and more people are learning about dolls, so the pit of waifu is more and more, like my previous acquaintance with many friends outside the circle but not against no malice, now there are a lot of people in the pit, with more and more new waifu, piracy recast is also increasingly rampant, so today to recommend the most reliable a few waifu society!

1, AE
AE baby society it is mainly beautiful, soft wind is the main, her family's baby it either makeup or look that temperament is gentle to the point of no return, like quiet, gentle girls AE home you will never regret, and AE home elf, mermaid series are very good-looking, around a lot of baby girl are eyeing her family's elf and mermaid series, waiting for the opportunity to get down, of course, the new words are not It is recommended to pick up too expensive too large, the normal size 1/4,1/6 on it.


2, AS
Personally, I think the AS children are quite wonderful, the real thing and the official picture is not much different. But the makeup is very important, want the effect in the official picture is recommended to choose the official makeup and official accessories. In addition, you can look at multiple angles of the vegetarian head photo, to make sure that the child is really very much to their liking, and nothing unacceptable details of the features, photo dead ends and so on.

3, DZ family
This family wa, like special body or style more special wa, come to the DZ family, and DZ family wa you received absolutely or let you stunning, the most familiar should be the bird system, DZ family of gray heron is how many wa mother's children, this really do not need me to say more, I am surrounded by at least 4 gray heron wa mother, really handsome!

4, dragon soul
The third is the classical and elegant coexistence of the Dragon Soul, Dragon Soul family is most famous for her family's large female body and uncle, and the Dragon Soul family's children in the baby circle response has been very good, Dragon Soul Dragon Lady, Fusang, nine color deer, Lin desolate, white dragon these large female body and uncle body will definitely not let you down, of course, if the new baby mother feel that it is not appropriate to buy a large body, her family's size 1/4, 1/6 The same can also be considered! But the recent official makeup flopped badly, so it is recommended not to take the official makeup.

Like oil painting style, European style, classical style, GEM family is also a good choice, the earliest definition of their family is the noble dolls, so their family looks like the kind of European royalty aristocratic sense of sight, and GEM family words face value really will not let you down, and their family emerald muscle I have fans around to receive, the color is still very good-looking!

6、MK family
Cough cough, MK where the fox light dust fans, to report, before the article below a lot of fox light dust wa maid comments that MK family must have a name, today I must say, MK family twin series is really let people love and hate, pick up a pair of no money, pick up a loss! Ah ah ah, so if there is a tycoon then MK family is also a must.

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