Tomie: not a traditional creature

Tomie doll

Tomie is a fictional character created by Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito. She is not a traditional creature but rather a supernatural and malevolent entity with a unique ability to regenerate and multiply. The horror manga series "Tomie" revolves around this character.

Tomie is depicted as a beautiful and alluring young woman who has the power to regenerate from any injury, including death. Her regenerative abilities lead to a disturbing and cyclical pattern where she is often murdered by those who become obsessed with her, only to come back to life and continue the cycle.

The horror in the "Tomie" series often arises from the psychological and emotional impact Tomie has on those around her, as well as the grotesque and surreal nature of her regenerative abilities. While not a traditional creature, Tomie embodies elements of horror and the supernatural in Japanese manga storytelling.

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