TOP 2 spooky Halloween stories 2022

TOP 2 spooky Halloween stories 2022

TOP 2 spooky Halloween stories 2022

These stories will give you a fright for hours and years to come.

We warned you!

American pastimes mainly include playing baseball, but swapping ghost stories is a close second. For the best experience, you must sit in a circle with the lights out and discuss spooky stories. Eventually, you will think to yourself "What if it is true?" You don't believe in these things, but there are so many people telling these frightening tales that you might ask yourself, "Could they all be lying?"

Would you like to read some scary stories? This paragraph mentions that it's Halloween or fiending for a scare. It gives a few examples of the things it will read about, and an introduction sentence.

The Tomie omnibus is compared to a hardcover Stephen King novel in its size. You might be risking crushing your toe if you were to drop it, but that makes sense given how early the first two stories are during Ito's career. The art is more basic, narrative isn't as strong and sequencing is still confusing at times.

Some of the stories are better than others and some aren't tied up as expected. However, the new chapters's storyline has a promising potential.

The uneven nature of Tomie works in its favor because we get a history of Ito himself. He starts this so early into his career and plays with it for 13 years, we can see him grow as an artist throughout.

The controversial nature of Tomie's character. Some argue that while the pacing is an underlying theme, it's not the main arc. For some, the underlying idea is that Tomie is a criticism of masculinity and how Japan fetishizes school girls. On the other hand, Tomie's destructive qualities may also be seen as misogynist. There are arguments for both sides, but some readers may find them uncomfortable.

Reading the author's work made me uncomfortable, but I know that the point was to make me uncomfortable. It is often a genre where horror elements get mixed in and have conflicting messages, such as women getting in trouble due to being considered improper while they also slay the aggressor.

I give this series 4/5 stars. Although there are some chapters that have pacing issues, Tomie is still worth a read for horror fans because it gives you an inside look into Junji Ito's growth as an artist and his storytelling techniques.

This last image should prove the validity of the argument.

<<Halloween>> is a 2018 sequel to the original movie, in which it's established that Michael and Laurie are not siblings. After being shot by Loomis in 1978, he flees into the woods. He is then found by Frank Hawkins who takes him back to town. The film jumps forward 40 years, where we learn Michael has been at Smith's Grove Sanitarium since 1978 and escaped again to return to Haddonfield. Establishing an inevitable showdown with Laurie and inflicting injuries on himself. In a post-credits scene it's hear Michael breathing, suggesting his survival.




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