Way to put wigs on a Blythe doll


There are several ways to put wigs on a Blythe doll, and the method may vary slightly depending on the type of wig and personal preference. Here are some common ways to put wigs on Blythe dolls:

  1. Front-to-Back Method:

    • Align the front edge of the wig with the doll's hairline and gently stretch it over the head towards the back. Adjust for a snug fit and style as needed.
  2. Back-to-Front Method:

    • Start by placing the back edge of the wig on the doll's head and pull it forward, ensuring a smooth fit. Adjust the wig to cover the entire head evenly.
  3. Side-to-Side Method:

    • Position the wig on the doll's head with one side aligned, and then gently stretch it to cover the other side. This method is useful for wigs with asymmetrical styles.
  4. Adjustable Elastic Band:

    • If the wig has an adjustable elastic band, you can use it to achieve a secure fit. Place the wig on the doll's head and adjust the band to the desired tightness.
  5. Wig Cap Method:

    • Some doll enthusiasts use wig caps to secure the doll's original hair and create a smooth base for the wig. Place the wig cap on the doll and then put the wig over it.
  6. Braided or Styled Wig Method:

    • For wigs with specific styles or braids, follow the front-to-back or back-to-front method and then adjust the individual braids or styled elements accordingly.
  7. Long Wig Method:

    • When putting on a long wig, ensure the ends fall smoothly and style them as desired. You may need to adjust the wig's position to achieve the desired look.
  8. Combination Method:

    • Experiment with combining different methods to achieve a unique look. For example, you can use the front-to-back method for the main section of the wig and then adjust specific elements using the side-to-side method.
  9. Securing with Pins or Clips:

    • Use small hairpins or clips to secure the wig in place, especially if it has specific styling elements that need to be held in position.

Remember to handle the wigs gently to avoid tangling or damaging the fibers. Additionally, most Blythe dolls have a small knob on the back of their heads that can be used to secure wigs in place. Explore different techniques and find the method that works best for the specific wig and the look you want to achieve.

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